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Planning a Wedding

Find information on planning, organizing. and paying for a wedding.

Are Wedding Ceremonies the Same Everywhere?

When you think about a wedding, what springs to mind? For many of us, it’s all about seeing the beautiful bride in a big white dress and a ceremony held in either a church or a civil venue, followed by a special meal and dancing! But around the world, other wedding days are pretty different! read more

Formal Wedding Etiquette

Formal Wedding Etiquette You're Engaged! Before people get married, they become engaged. Engagement marks the interval between the day the couple agree to get married and the actual wedding ceremony. What happens during this period depends on the people involved, but some basic rules apply. Oh, Grow Up First, tell you parents the good news! read more

Getting Along During Wedding Preparations

Getting Along During Wedding Preparations How else can you help bring the in-laws together over the wedding preparations while getting the wedding you want? Here are some ideas: For the bride and groom… This is your wedding. If you have strong convictions on a specific issue, say so -- or forever hold your peace. Establish your identity as a couple by sticking together and making joint decisions. read more

Planning Your Wedding Budget

Planning Your Wedding Budget Once you decide to get married, you can kiss your free time good-bye. There's just so much to do. You need to make the official announcement, pick a date, and start making wedding plans. You've got to arrange for time off from work for your honeymoon, think about where you'll live, and pick out your wedding dress and tux. read more

Saving on Wedding Costs

Saving on Wedding Costs Go Figure Some insurance companies now offer wedding insurance, just in case the caterer decides to file for bankruptcy and go out of business two days before the event, or somebody steals all the wedding gifts. You even can buy insurance that pays you if it rains or snows on the day of the wedding. Check out Weddinguard at for an example of what's available. read more

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony There are as many variations to the wedding ceremony as there are weddings. However, some elements are typical of all or most ceremonies. Of course, not everyone gets married in a church. However, going through what may be expected when it comes to entering and leaving the church, and approaching and withdrawing from the altar will be helpful in thinking about arrangement in other circumstances. read more

The Wedding Rehearsal

The Wedding Rehearsal Every great event, including a wedding, needs a rehearsal, a chance for all the participants to run through their roles and understand the big picture. In many cases the entire wedding party comes together for the first time at the rehearsal, which makes it an opportunity for family members and friends from both sides of the aisle to get to know one another. read more

Types of Weddings

Types of Weddings In some ways, all weddings are the same. In other ways, they may be profoundly different. Below are some examples of different sorts of weddings and some ideas about what to expect. read more

Wedding Plans

Wedding Plans Wedding Plans When you begin serious planning for the wedding, some of the first questions to ask yourself should involve who will pay for what, who you should invite, and what form the invitations should take. Wedding Expenses Let's start the wedding process with who pays for what. For many weddings, lots of people assume a share of the burden and thus have some say in the proceedings. read more

What to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding Winter brides traditionally choose velvet, satin, brocade, or other heavy formal fabric. Spring brides favor taffeta and lace, and summer suggests chiffon, organdy, or cotton. Tradition dictates that the bride's wedding dress be white or off-white. The number of nontraditional brides is growing at the moment, however, and brides are opting more and more for colored dresses and prints. Basically, a bride should feel comfortable and at ease in whatever she wears, because she is the star of the show. read more

Who Pays for a Wedding These Days?

Who Pays for a Wedding These Days? As you probably know, tradition had it that the bride's family paid the majority of the wedding costs. This was great for the groom's family, but could cause serious pocketbook stress for the parents of the bride. As tradition dictated, the bride's family would cover the costs for goods and services listed as follows: read more