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Outdoor Games

After-school Olympic Games Activities for Kids

After-School Olympic Games

After-School Olympic GamesThis is a party activity in which friends and family participate in Olympic-type events.Materials Each child brings a prize, wrapped up (used or new), which is then put in a big bag upon arrival. Big container of lemonade or water Directions Make a list of all the events you can remember from the Olympic games. Include other events that might be special to your neighborhood like grass rolling, acorn picking, leaf catching, or creek walking.read more


Badminton It's in the Cards A birdie is the shuttlecock in Badminton: a lightweight, cone-shaped plastic object with a rounded, often rubber-tipped nose.read more

Balloon Kites

Balloon KitesFlying a kite is difficult and frustrating for toddlers and preschoolers. These "kites" are guaranteed to fly, even on days with light wind. Materials Large, round helium balloons Kite string Paper streamers (optional) Directionsread more

Basic Hopscotch

Basic HopscotchMaterials ChalkDirectionsread more

Beanbag Race

Beanbag RaceMaterials Tape or string One beanbag per player Directionsread more

Beanbag Throw

Beanbag ThrowMaterials Tape or string Beanbags (at least one per player) Laundry basket or cardboard box (optional) Directionsread more
Bike Picture Hunt Party Activity for Kids

Bike Photo Safari

Bike Photo SafariMaterials Bikes and bike helmets Digital cameras (one per team) Directions This party is a picture hunt on bicycles. read more

Blob Race

Blob Race Activity for a group Age group: 30-40 months Duration of activity: 20 minutes Although relay races may be too complex for young children, they will enjoy this simplified version.read more

Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun Materials Plastic drinking straws Store-bought or homemade bubble solution Scissors Tape Directions Make a bubble wand by cutting two plastic drinking straws in half, then taping the four pieces together. Blowing through the straws will send lots of tiny bubbles in many directions. read more

Bubble Solutions

Bubble SolutionsThe following three bubble-solution recipes come from Science World in Vancouver, British Columbia. They say the following about glycerine: "Not all detergents require the addition of glycerine in order to make good soap solutions. Glycerine helps soap bubbles hold water and this helps to keep the bubbles from popping. Try a tablespoon or two for a small batch (we're not exact about it). Glycerine can be purchased at most pharmacies. You won't need much, so don't go buying caseloads." All-Purpose Bubble Solutionread more

Button, Button

Button, ButtonMaterials Snow Snowballs Colored buttonDirectionsread more

Changing Colors

Changing ColorsThis is a good activity for outdoors or in, and will also entertain children on a long car ride. Materials Colored cellophane in various colors Directionsread more

Counting Jumps

Counting JumpsDirections These rhymes can be used by individual jumpers and by children jumping in groups to see how many times a jumper can jump without tripping. Candy, candy in the dish. How many pieces do you wish? One, two, three, four, five... Mother made a chocolate cake. How many eggs did it take? One, two, three, four, five... Cinderella, dressed in yellow, Went downstairs to kiss her fellow. How many kisses did she give? One, two, three, four, five... read more


Croquet Croquet is a great game to have set up and ready to go for a backyard barbecue. It's a slow game of patience and precision and a great way to spend time chatting with your friends as you work your ball through the course. Croquet may be an ancestor of Billiards and Golf. The goal is to use a wooden mallet to hit a ball through a hole. Sound familiar? read more

Digging for Treasure

Digging for Treasure Materials Small objects to hide Shovels Colander Sandbox Directions Hide small objects in the sandbox for your toddler to find as he digs about. Try using an old kitchen colander to sift through the sand. If you like, spray-paint rocks in shiny silver and gold, and show your toddler how to search for hidden treasure. read more

Eight and Back

Eight and BackMaterials Chalk One marker (small chain, coin, or stone) per playerDirectionsread more

Family Games: Sardines

Family Games: Sardines Sardines is a fun family party game that reverses the old classic, Hide and Seek. All the kids close their eyes and count while one person hides. When the counting is completed (usually to about 25 is fine for this game) all the “Its” must begin the search. When one of the “Its” finds the hider, he or she doesn't say anything but quietly crawls into the hiding spot with the hider.read more
Scavenger Hunt Party Activity for Kids

Family Scavenger Hunt

Family Scavenger HuntDirections The idea of a scavenger hunt is to find all the items on a list and return them to a designated place as quickly as possible. There are many ways to organize a hunt and many choices to make. You can play as individuals or on teams either inside the house or outside. Here are a few ideas to try: read more

Firefly, Firefly

Firefly, Firefly Activity for a group Age group: 30-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes Materials: Flashlight You can play this game during the day, but it so much more fun in the dark. All players stand in a circle. Select one person to be "It." That player takes the flashlight and stands in the center. The person in the middle turns around while everyone recites the following chant. read more

Fox and Geese

Fox and GeeseDirectionsread more

Frisbee Games

Frisbee Games The history of the Frisbee is perhaps more interesting than the game itself. It's a true American product that came into popularity out of poverty and ingenuity. In the late nineteenth century and well into the twentieth century, children used to play with metal cookie tin and pie tin lids by tossing them to each other in a kind of game of catch. It is rumored that the most commonly tossed tin lid was that of an American company called the Frisbie Pie Company, which is how the Frisbee got its name.read more

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee GolfThis game requires two or more players. Materials Boxes, sticks, rocks, and so on Markers or index cards One Frisbee or gallon ice cream pail lid per player Pen or pencil PaperDirectionsread more

Hit the Ball

Hit the BallMaterials Hammer or large bucket of sand Broomstick with a flat end Chalk, a stick, or a rope Ping-Pong ball Five beanbags or spongesDirectionsread more


HorseshoesMaterials Shovel Empty, clean tin can Paint in as many colors as there are players Four 2-inch metal washers per player Paper and pencilDirectionsread more


Kickball I have very fond memories of Kickball. Where I grew up we called it Soccer Baseball—not a bad title for the game because you use your feet to kick the ball and the rules are basically the same as Baseball.read more
Kids playing golf

Kid-Friendly Golf

Kid-Friendly GolfMaterials Shovel Empty, clean tin can Golf putter (or child's golf club, narrow length of wood, or heavy cardboard rolled and taped into a "club") Several golf balls Paper and pencilDirectionsread more

Lawn Sports Quiz

Test your knowledge of outdoor lawn sports with this quiz.read more

Mud Handprints

Mud HandprintsMaterials Mud Sturdy paper or plastic plate Spatula or knife for smoothing Directions Fill the plate with thick mud and smooth into a flat, even surface. Have your child press his open hand into the mud and remove. Place the mud in the sun to dry. This won't last, but it's fun to look at for a while. For lasting prints, use plaster of Paris. read more

Names Hopscotch

Names HopscotchMaterials ChalkDirectionsread more

Nature Bracelet

Nature Bracelet Materials Masking tape Scissors Directions Before going outdoors with your child, wrap a piece of masking tape to his wrist, sticky side up. As you explore, help him attach colorful leaves, flowers, and other interesting discoveries to his bracelet. When done, use scissors to snip off the nature bracelet. Display on a bulletin board, shelf, or wall. read more