• Snail Farm Activity for Kids
    Nature Activities
    Snail Farm
    Snail FarmMaterials Clear plastic bottle Clear tape Soil Lettuce or weeds Snails from the garden Directions Your snail farm will be contained within the plastic bottle. Cut a small door in the side of the bottle about three inches by two inches ...
  • Sundial,craft
    Nature Activities
    Make a Sundial
    Make a SundialMaterials 12 inch by 12 inch piece of heavy card stock Block of wood Thumb tacks Directions An old way to tell the time was to use the sun and the shadows it cast. You can make a sundial to put in your backyard that will tell you w...
  • Terrarium Activity for Kids
    Nature Activities
    Build a Terrarium
    Build a TerrariumMaterials A clear glass container with a wide neck to allow your hand in Small stones or gravel Activated charcoal (get from pet store) Potting soil Small sponge Piece of screen, mesh, or cheesecloth Plants or moss Directions A ...
  • Worm Farm Nature Activity
    Nature Activities
    Worm Farm
    Worm FarmMaterials 2 old buckets Dirt Garden worms 1 cup dry-meal dog food Directions If you like to fish or live near a lake, a worm farm could be a fun hobby! To prepare the bucket, make plenty of small drainage holes on the sides and bottoms ...
  • Bug Hunt Nature Activity for Kids
    Nature Activities
    Bug Hunting
    Bug HuntingMaterials Clear container Netting or waxed paper Rubber band Spoon Overripe banana Brown sugar Magnifying glass Directions Have you ever taken the time to observe bugs? They are amazing creatures. They fly, buzz, sting, leap, and even...
  • Rain Maker Box Activity for Kids
    Nature Activities
    Rain Maker
    Rain MakerMaterials Wooden box measuring one yard long by 4 to 6 inches wide and 2 inches high 50 two-inch nails ½ cup dried peas Directions Find someone who can help you make the box. A lumber yard can cut the wood to specific measurements so a...