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Jellybean Toss

Keep your child entertained with this simple game. Can she toss the jellybeans in the container?
By: Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book

Jellybean Toss

This game requires two or more players.


  • Jellybeans
  • One small container per child
  • Sheet or tablecloth
  • Large container
  • Tape, string, or chalk
  • Small prize (optional)


  1. Distribute the jellybeans equally among the small containers.
  2. Lay a sheet or tablecloth on the floor or ground.
  3. Set a large container in the middle of the cloth and mark a line with tape, string, or chalk about five feet from the large container.
  4. Give each player a container of jellybeans.
  5. Have the players take turns standing behind the line and tossing jellybeans at the large container.
  6. Allow the players four or five tosses per turn.
  7. Award a point for each jellybean that lands in the container.
  8. The player who gets the most points is the winner.
  9. Give the winner a small prize if you like or let her keep all the jellybeans in the large container and on the sheet.

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