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Cave Man or Woman Costume

Follow these simple instructions to make a Cave Man or Woman costume for Halloween.

Cave Man or Woman Costume

Time: 1 hour

Effort: More difficult


  • Old fur coat
  • Needle and thread
  • Short, dark wig
  • Black face paint
  • Scissors
  • Tree limb resembling a club (optional)

Instructions: Remove the fur from the old coat (a thrift store is a great place to find these). Cut odd-shaped pieces from the coat, about 10 inches by 10 inches. Sew them together to form a shaggy cover that comes below the knees. Make a pair of shoe covers, too. Put the wig on your child's head, and smear black makeup on her face, arms, and legs. Find a tree limb that looks like a club, if she wants to drag that around.

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