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Baseball "Bat" Costume

Follow these simple instructions to make a Baseball "Bat" costume for Halloween.

Baseball "Bat" Costume

Time: 1 hour

Effort: Fairly easy — some sewing required


  • Black felt (you'll need a piece that's half as long as your child, and as wide as the span of his or her arms)
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Baseball hat
  • Baseball shirt, pants, and shoes
  • Reflector tape

Instructions: To make the bat ears, cut four triangles out of felt (2" x 4"). Sew the triangles together on two sides. Turn the triangles inside out so that they stand up. Put glitter around the outside edge of the front of the ears (so the ears are outlined in glitter!). Attach the ears to the baseball hat.

To make the cape, cut in about two inches from the top of the remaining black felt, so that the material can be tied around the neck. Cut the rest to look like wings. Take the reflector tape and make veins on the back of the cape to resemble the veins of the batwings. To attach the cape to your child's arms, take the felt scraps and cut out rectangular straps that are long enough to tie around your child's arm, and about one inch wide. Slide the straps through slits cut into the edges of the cape.

Have your child dress in the baseball oufit, add the hat, and tie the cape onto your child's arms.

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