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Apple Costume

Follow these simple instructions to make an Apple costume for Halloween.

Apple Costume

Time: 30 minutes

Effort: Fairly easy — some sewing required


  • Red bag, or white laundry bag dyed red
  • Red tights
  • Red shirt
  • Green felt
  • Batting for stuffing
  • Red face paint

Instructions: Cut head and arm openings in the bag. Dress your child in the red tights and shirt. Pull the bag over his head, putting his head and arms through openings. Stuff the bag with batting. Sew or pin bottom of bag. Cut felt pieces to form leaves and sew or tack around the neck. As the finishing touch, paint red circles on your child's "apple" cheeks!

Other details: You might consider "double bagging" your child, so you can enclose the stuffing. That way, a small child won't be tempted to eat the batting (!) and if your child needs to remove the costume, you won't have to re-stuff it.

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