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Angel and Devil Twins Baby Halloween Costume (for two)

Follow these simple instructions to make an Angel and Devil Twins baby Halloween costume.
Angel and Devil Baby Halloween Costume

Angel and Devil Twins Baby Halloween Costume (for two)

Time: 30 minutes

Effort: Easy — some sewing required


  • 4 small poster boards
  • 1 pair angel wings
  • 1 halo
  • 1 pair devil horns
  • White dress or white pants and shirt
  • Red dress or red pants and shirt
  • Red and white face paint (optional)
  • Heavy string or ribbon

Instructions: This is a great costume for twins, best friends, or siblings. From a costume store, buy one halo, a set of angel wings, and a pair of devil horns.

Write I'M A DEVIL on two of the poster boards, and I'M AN ANGEL on the other two. Cut two holes at the top of each of the boards. (Measure before you cut out the holes to make sure your kids can get the boards over their heads.)

If you're using face paint, make the devil's face red, and the angel's white. Attach the horns to the devil's head; the halo to the angel's! Thread heavy string or ribbon through the holes on the poster boards, and tie a knot.

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