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25 Thoughtful and Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Our top Father's day gift ideas and activities dad will sure to love. This Father's day give dad a gift from the whole family!
25 Thoughtful and Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2022
Updated: December 1, 2022

Father’s Day is almost here, and we all want to find the perfect gift for Dad this year. If you’ve been racking your brain for Father’s Day gift ideas but can’t seem to find a gift that grabs you, we’ve got you covered.

We have compiled a list of 25 of the best Father’s Day gifts for you to choose from so you won’t be forced to get a boring gift card! Whether Dad is a gadget guy or is a dad who loves the great outdoors or can’t resist a thoughtful gift, we’ve got you covered with this gift guide.

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Editor’s Note: This article is not sponsored (just our favorite Father’s Day picks), and Family Education will not receive any compensation for any of the items listed below. 

Best Father's Day Gifts For a Dad Who Loves Sports 

Best Father's Day Gifts For a Dad Who Loves Sports

1. New Golf Set or Sport Gear 

If Dad loves to hit the links or shoot a few baskets, you’ll want to get him some new gear. Decide which sport is his favorite and start shopping. Dick’s Sporting Goods is always a good place to try as well as Walmart or Amazon. Gear prices are going to vary greatly depending on the sport and what you buy.

2. Tickets to a Sporting Event 

Many people like to gift experiences rather than material objects. If this is you, then score Dad some tickets for a sporting event. Grab yourself a ticket too and you can make a day of it together. He’ll love the gift and he’ll love that he’s going with his children even more.

3. Spikeball Set 

Spikeball is becoming all the rage these days. It’s played with two teams of two people. While it’s like volleyball, one team serves to the other by bouncing the ball into the net. The other team returns the volley the same way. It’s quick and easy to set up and great for a day at the beach. You can get a Spikeball set for around $70 at any sports store.

Best Father's Day Gifts For a New Dad 

Best Father's Day Gifts For a New Dad

4. New Dad Matching T-Shirt 

If this is your guy’s first Father’s Day, you want to make it one to remember. Check out Etsy and many other online sites for some super cute dad and baby matching T-shirt sets. They’re not just Mother’s Day gifts! Dads can get them too! You can get just about anything imprinted on them. From Star Wars themes to cute “Girl Dad” shirts, there’s something for everyone. The price of these will depend on where you get them, but they typically start at $20.

5. Rad Dad Box 

Make his Father’s Day one to remember with a Rad Dad Box from Crate Joy. This is a monthly box full of special gifts that dad and baby can enjoy. It includes things like dad-themed books, clothing, baby toys, and more. You’ll find these for around $30 each.

Best Father's Day Gifts For an Outdoor Enthusiast 

Best Father's Day Gifts For an Outdoor Enthusiast

6. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Nothing says backyard fun like an outdoor pizza oven. Enjoy amazing pizza in just minutes with this outdoor pizza oven. It’s the perfect gift when you want a change from traditional BBQ foods. You can find it at Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Amazon for around $400.

7. Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle 

A great Father’s Day gift for the dad on the go who always has a bottle of water in his hand is the PureVis™ Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle. UV rays help to keep yucky bacteria out of dad’s water bottle. This is a great gift to help dad stay hydrated and not have to worry about anything icky getting into his water. You can grab this gift at Amazon or other online sites for around $100.

The Best Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Gadgets 

The Best Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Gadgets

8. Metal Apple Watch Strap 

If dad is a gadget guy, chances are he already has the latest Apple Watch. Why not buy him a metal Apple Watch strap so that he has something a little nicer for going out at night rather than sporting the silicone band. Choose from stainless steel or other types of metal. You can get one of these bands at several online retailers starting at around $30.

9. Noise Cancelling Earbuds and AirPods 

Dad will be able to listen to his favorite music and podcast at the gym or wherever he goes without noise distracting him. These noise canceling earbuds from Bose and other manufacturers are pretty cool. You can find them at Best Buy starting at $100.

10. Charging Station with Sanitizer 

Dad can charge his phone and get it clean with this charging station/sanitizer combo. It charges phones wirelessly as it cleans germs with a UV light. Snag this gift at Sharper Image for $50.

11. Drone 

Dad can have his toys too with a new drone. These days there are so many different ones to choose from depending on how many features you’re looking for. You can get these anywhere from Best Buy to Amazon to Walmart. Prices will vary depending on the model.

The Best Father's Day Gifts For the Dad Who Loves to Chill 

The Best Father's Day Gift for Dads Who Love to Chill

12. Craft Beer Subscription Box 

If you know dad just likes to chill and relax with a good beer, a craft beer subscription box could make the perfect gift. There are so many different types of gift boxes to choose from. Prices can vary from $50 to over $100, it really depends on what type of beer you choose.

12. Theragun 

Theraguns are becoming all the rage when it comes to relaxation. These handy devices are massage guns that can soothe aching muscles. They can be adjusted to different intensities and speeds to provide the perfect massage. Find them at Amazon and other online sites. They have a large price range from about $80 to over $200.

14. Pluto Pillow 

Let dad have the best night’s sleep ever with the Pluto Pillow. It’s a pillow that’s made to perfectly suit every dad’s sleeping preferences. By providing some basic information, you get a custom-made pillow when it comes to everything from height to length and cushioning. Buy direct from the company’s site for around $110.

DIY Gifts for Dad 

DIY Gifts for Dad

15. Handmade Gifts 

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful handmade gift, especially from little children. Whether it’s a handprint in clay or an artsy little frame, Dad will love anything the kids make for him.

16. "Reasons Why I Love Dad" Collage 

Another heartfelt gift for dad comes in the “Reasons Why I Love Dad” collage. Help your children gather photos of them with their father and create a collage displaying all of the reasons why they love their dad. It can include pictures of them doing things together or dad hanging out at their soccer game...whatever great photos you find that tell the story will be just fine.

For the Handy Dad 

For the Handy Dad

17. Magnetic Tool Wristband 

How many times has Dad been in the garage ransacking his tool bag to find what he needs? Eliminate the hassle with the magnetic tool wristband. This handy gift allows him to carry what he needs and have it at his fingertips...literally. You can find it at Walmart, Amazon, and home improvement stores for around $20.

18. Metal 6-in-1 Stylus Pen 

If Dad’s always tinkering around with something, then dad needs this multifunctional tool. It’s a 6-in-1 Stylus Pen that not only writes, but also features two screwdrivers, a stylus, bubble level, and ruler. He’ll have everything he needs with this handy tool you can get on Amazon for around $12.

A Day Trip with Dad 

A Day with Dad Trip

19. New York or Other Fun City 

Plan a day with Dad trip to your favorite city. Depending on where you live, this could be New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, or whatever location you and dad love best. Plan to do some sightseeing, grab lunch and just have a fun day together.

20. Fun Activity Day 

Besides planning a trip to the big city, you can also get Dad tickets to an event or have a fun activity day. This can include a trip to a museum, amusement park, or another spot you know Dad loves to spend time at.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas 

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

21. Painted Portrait 

When you’re looking for the best Father’s Day gifts that are unique, you can always give him a painted portrait. Choose a photo of him with the kids and have it professionally painted. This is a thoughtful gift he’ll have for years to come.

22. Custom Bobblehead 

Did you know you can get a customized bobblehead of just about anyone? Well, you can and Dad needs to have one this Father’s Day. Grab a picture of him and check out the cool sites online that can make this happen for you. It’s going to cost upwards of $70, but it’s a fun gift that he probably won’t be expecting!

23. Custom Socks with Kids Pictures 

What about some fun socks with the kids’ faces on them? They’re a thing and they make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Just send in a pic to one of the many customized sock sites out there and they’ll send you the perfect pair. You can typically get this done for $20 and up.

24. Heated Razor 

Let Dad experience the luxury of a hot towel shave at home with Gillette’s self-heating razor. It’s the latest in high-tech grooming gear that Dad will love. You can buy this at Amazon for around $170.

25. Mini Espresso Makers 

If Dad is an espresso lover, this mini espresso maker will be the best Father’s Day perk! This battery-operated espresso maker lets dad use it anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use and convenient. Grab it at Amazon for $55.

There you have it, 25 great gift ideas for Dad to help make this Father’s Day one to remember!

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