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  • Running Faucet
    School and Learning
    Conversation Starter: Why Shouldn’t You Waste Water?
    You’ve probably heard before that over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. So, if there’s so much water, what’s the problem with “wasting” it? Is there really anything to worry about if you have a dripping faucet o...
    Mya Kagan
  • Young Boy Holding Seedling in Hands
    Entertainment and Activities
    8 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Family's Trash Output
    Over time, the average family can produce quite a lot of garbage, but you can reduce your family's trash output with a few lifestyle changes that everyone can get on board with. With these simple ideas, going green with your kiddos has never been...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Top 10 Earth Day Books for Children
    Earth Day
    Top 10 Earth Day Books for Children
    Celebrate Earth Day every day by reading some of these great children's books about Mother Earth, recycling, planting trees, and all things green! Fittingly, most of them are printed on recycled or eco-friendly paper. Looking for more? Use our...
  • Piles of logs in forest
    School and Learning
    What Is Deforestation?
    A Native American proverb says, "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Yet, our generations destroy the earth we have borrowed in many ways and at a massive speed. One example of large-scale damage is t...
    Constanze Niedermaier
  • Robots Made with K-Cups, Foil, and Paper
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    K-Cup Robots
    You make yourself a cup of coffee (or two or three) every day, and every day you toss those empty k-cups. Why not save your used k-cups to create this adorable robot craft. It's the perfect recycled craft project for Earth Day, a rainy day, or a...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Make Turtle from Egg Cartons
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    Egg Carton Turtle
    Save your cardboard egg cartons and use them to create this adorable turtle craft. It's the perfect recycled craft project for Earth Day! Materials: Cardboard Egg Carton Green Paint Poms Poms Curling Ribbon Googly Eyes Construction Paper Paint B...
    Erin Dower
  • Family Life
    Going Green
    Tree Planting Activity
    Tree Planting ActivityAn Imagination Station Activity Age: Preschool and upTime: 5 minutes or your life timeType of Activity: Backyard science Materials needed: One tree (oak, maple, or any other type of tree or bush) Shovel Bucket of water Meas...
    Margy Davidson
  • AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Could Be Healthy
    AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Can Be Healthy
    When it comes to screen time and kids, it isn't all bad news. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers guidelines on how to make screen time healthy and educational.
    Curious World
  • Planters Made from Tin Cans
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    Tin Can Planter Pals
    Tin cans make great planters, particularly for smaller plants or seedlings. Create these fun tin can planters with your kids and display them anywhere in the house! Materials: Tin Cans (rinsed and dried) Pipe Cleaners Poms Poms Googly Eyes Sciss...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • family celebrates earth day by working in the garden
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    8 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day as a Family
    Explore the beauty of nature with your children and teach them the importance of caring for our planet with these simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Earth Day. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Drawing and Painting
    10 Craft Supplies You Can Make Yourself
    Homemade craft supplies are easy to make and great for the environment. The next time you and your children are feeling artsy, save yourself a trip to the craft store (and your money!) and make your own supplies from household or recycled materia...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Activities to Go Green
    Entertainment and Activities
    Celebrate Earth Day: 8 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Go Green
    Going green can seem overwhelming but there are simple things you and your kids can do every day to save the environment. Here are eight easy ways to teach your child to go green. Collect Food for Composting That apple core from lunch? Grape ...
    Laura Richards
  • Green School Lunches Pinterest Graphic
    Back to School
    10 Tips for "Green" School Lunches
    The average school generates 20 tons of waste each year. Learn some easy, eco-friendly tips for packing waste-free or "greener" bag lunches for kids. ...
    Erin Dower
  • Green Products
    12 Natural Cleaners for Your Home
    Looking for a safe, chemical-free way to make your home spotless? Check your cabinets! These everyday household items double as germ-busting superstars. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Vegetable Basket
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Vegetable Garden
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Vegetable Garden With produce prices spiraling ever higher, it's a great time to consider planting your own vegetable and herb garden. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, or even just a sunny deck, you can ...
    Nancy Witting
  • Family Life
    Going Green
    EarthSavers: Water Conservation Tips for Kids
    EarthSavers: Water Conservation Tips for KidsDid you know that every drop of water that runs down the drain ends up flowing into the sewage system? Sending clean water down the drain fills up the sewer and lets dirty water and waste overflow into...
    Ann Svensen
  • Fact Monster, a safe space for kids to find homework help
    Fact Monster - a safe online educational space for kids

    Are you worried about your kids being online? Fact Monster is a KidSafe-certified site for your kids to get homework help, play games and watch educational videos. Check it out...and give Same Game a try yourself!

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    Family Education
  • Family Soccer
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Organic Lawn
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Organic Lawn Tired of spending hours on your lawn? Worried about using chemicals in areas where your children and pets play? Ready to do your part for the environment? Then it's time to rethink the size of you...
    Nancy Witting