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Drawing and Painting

10 Craft Supplies You Can Make Yourself

Homemade craft supplies are easy to make and great for the environment. The next time you and your children are feeling artsy, save yourself a trip to the craft store (and your money!) and make your own supplies from household or recycled materials. read more

10 Must-Have Craft Supplies for Endless Pinterest Crafting

If you and your kids are obsessed with all the awesome craft ideas on Pinterest, but you never have the right materials on hand, read on! This list of craft supplies (in addition to staples like glue and construction paper) should be all you need for hours of adorable Pinterest projects. Some of these supplies are basic household items you might already have in your cupboard or recycling bin! read more

Apple Prints

Apple Prints Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 10 minutes Materials: 1 apple Knife Paper towel Tempera paint Shallow pie tin Light-colored construction paper Celebrate harvest time with a bounty of fresh apples. This activity will help your child have fun with this popular fruit. read more

Art Exploration

Art ExplorationMaterials 1" or larger paintbrush, sponge, kitchen utensils Large sheets of paper Wooden spoons Jar of water-based paint Masking tape Directions read more

Big Flip

Big FlipTime 15 to 20 minutes Materials Package of 3 x 5-inch index cardsPen Directions Pick a basic shape like a circle or triangle and draw the shape on an index card.Draw the same shape on 12 to 15 more cards, changing the shape slightly in position or size.Put the cards back into a "deck" and hold them tightly on one side and then flip through. The faster the cards are flipped, the more the shape will appear to dance and wiggle. Extensions read more

Blindfold Painting

Blindfold PaintingTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials White paperBlindfoldPaintbrushTempera paint Directions read more

Body Outline

Body OutlineMaterials Large sheet of butcher or brown paper Crayons or paints Black felt marker Scissors (optional) Directions Have your child lie down on the paper in any shapes she wants. Trace around the body with a felt marker. Have your child take over and draw her own features and clothes on the outline. It can be what she is actually wearing, or what she would like to be dressed in a Halloween costume, for instance. The outline can be cut out or left on the large sheet and then hung up. read more

Bubble Art

Bubble ArtAge: 3 and upTime: 20 minutes Type of Activity: Arts and Crafts for KidsAre you always telling your kids not to blow bubbles in their drinks and to take their soap bubbles outside? This art activity has them blowing like crazy to create tons of unique pictures for everyone!Materials needed: read more

Bubble Painting

Bubble PaintingMaterials Newspaper Liquid dishwashing detergent Shallow dish Tempera paint Straw Construction paper or other paperDirections read more

Bubble Wrap Fun

Bubble Wrap Fun Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 30 minutes Materials: Bubble wrap Tempera paint Save the bubble wrap that comes with packages. You can also buy quantities of it fairly cheaply. Bubble wrap, like any other plastic, can be fatal if your child uses it to cover his face. Always use with hands-on supervision. read more

Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Wrap PrintingMaterials Bubble wrap packing material Tape Liquid tempera paint (several different colors) Paintbrush Paper Directions Tape the bubble wrap to the table or surface you will be painting on. Have your child paint on the bubble wrap, then press a piece of paper on it to get an interesting print. read more

Bug Prints

Bug PrintsTime 30 minutes Materials White paperPencilInkpad Directions Your child has probably never taken a close look at fingerprints, let alone used them for play. Set out the paper and make fingerprints using an inkpad.Use a pencil to add legs and antennae to the prints so they look like bugs. Extensions read more

Candle-Wax Painting

Candle-Wax PaintingMaterials Wax candle Watercolor paper Watercolors Paint brushDirectionsHave your child draw a pattern or scene with the wax candle onto a sheet of watercolor paper. The drawing will be almost invisible. When finished, have your child paint the entire sheet with watercolors. When the paint dries, the original invisible drawing will show through. read more

Canvas Room Rug

Canvas Room RugMaterials Piece of plain canvas (the size you want your rug) Acrylic paint Paintbrushes Clear acrylic coating Hot glue gun or sewing machine Directions You may need someone to help you get the canvas rug ready to paint. read more

Canvas Rug

Canvas RugMaterials Piece of plain canvas (the size you want the rug) Acrylic paint Paint brushes Clear acrylic coating Hot glue gun Directions read more

Chalk Fun

Chalk FunThere was a time that chalk was just for chalkboards and sidewalks. Now inexpensive chalk is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses, and you can use it creatively in many different art endeavors. The following ideas will help you use chalk in ways you may not have considered before. Materials read more

Chalky Watercolor

Chalky WatercolorMaterials Colored chalks Drawing paper Liquid starch Paint brush Directions There are two ways your child can make a chalk watercolor. The first way is to draw a picture with the chalks on the drawing paper and then brush liquid starch over it. The second way is to dip the paper in the starch to start, and then draw a picture with the chalks on the wet paper. Either way, when dry, these pictures look beautiful. read more

Cling Wrap Painting

Cling Wrap PaintingMaterials White paper Paint Spoons Plastic cling wrap Directions Using a spoon, dribble paint onto the paper. Use several different colors. Place a sheet of plastic cling wrap over the paint (make sure the cling wrap covers the whole surface). Use your hands to smooth the cling wrap over the paper, then carefully peel it off. Allow the painting to dry. read more

Clown Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to find out what kind of car the clown is driving. read more

Color by Number

Print out this color by number activity for your kids to enjoy. What picture is hidden inside? read more

Colored Crayon Balls

Colored Crayon BallsMaterials Old and broken crayons Used plastic sandwich bags Twist ties Muffin pans Directions read more

Connect the Dots

Connect the DotsMaterialsDrawing paper Pencil Ink or ballpoint pen Crayons or colored felt pens Eraser Directions read more

Contour Line Art

Contour Line ArtMaterials Drawing paper Black felt pen Crayons Directions read more

Cooperative Drawing

Cooperative DrawingMaterials One pencil per player Paper Crayons, colored pencils, or markersDirections One player draws a line or shape on paper. The next player adds a line or shape, then the next player, and so on. The players face each other so they get different perspectives on the drawing. When the players finish drawing, they color it in the same way with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. read more

Cork Printing

Cork PrintingMaterials Wine bottle corks Liquid tempera paint in a shallow pan Paper Directions Grasp the cork at one end and hold it upright. Press the cork into the paint then onto a piece of paper or newsprint. If you like, use tempera paint in several different colors. read more

Corn Rolling

Corn Rolling Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes Materials: 1 dried ear of corn Tempera paint Shallow pie tin Light-colored construction paper This simple painting activity produces a unique effect. You may also wish to have your toddler try painting and printing with other vegetables, such as potatoes, cauliflower, and green peppers. read more

Crayon Melt Prints

Crayon Melt PrintsThis activity requires the use of a food warming tray or electric griddle. Close supervision by an adult is recommended. Materials Food warming tray or electric griddle Aluminum foil Crayons Paper Oven mitts Damp cloth Directions read more

Crayon Rubbings

Crayon RubbingsMaterials Textured objects Paper Crayons, paper removedDirections Collect textured objects like leaves, string, doilies, paper clips, keys, fabric, tiles, coins, cardboard shapes, and bricks. Place a sheet of paper over an object, then have your child rub the side of a crayon on the paper. Shift the paper and change colors for an interesting effect. read more

Customized Light Switch Painting

Customized Light Switch Painting Materials Light switch plate Acrylic paint Small brushes Directions Replace your child's light-switch plate with a customized one that your child has created. Get all the materials ready. Using the small brushes, have your child paint on a design, picture, or her name. Wipe mistakes off with water, or wait until it dries and paint over the top of the dried paint. Let the plate dry completely before screwing it back on the wall. read more

Dancer Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to find out who is dancing to the music. read more