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5 Ways Danielle Busby from TLC’s Outdaughtered Keeps Her Girls Learning All Summer

Here's how Danielle Busby, mom and star of TLC's Outdaughtered, keeps her six little girls active and learning all summer long.
Danielle Busby from TLC’s Outdaughtered Keeps Her Girls Learning All Summer
Updated: December 1, 2022

A 2018 study revealed that moms want summer to end after just 13 days. When you are a parent of not one, not two, but SIX little girls including the only all-female quintuplets in the United States, it’s important to have a serious action plan and significant resources to keep the peace all summer while ensuring you don’t lose momentum from the previous school year.

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Enter Danielle Busby, the adorable mom and star of TLC’s Outdaughtered, who stays busy year-round with six children ages eight and under alongside her husband, Adam. Danielle reveals how she keeps the girls learning, active, and engaged while staying motivated herself, all summer long.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Danielle revealed that her girls love attending STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) camp a few days per week during the summer. It keeps their minds moving as they are soaking in the learning and keeps them busy while she focuses on all of the typical mom logistics, errands, work, and more. Even having a few completely kid-free hours helps her accomplish a ton, including tasks that could take up to six times as long when the girls are there, so it is a win for all!

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Educational Toys at Home

Educational Toys at Home

The Busby’s have partnered with educational toy company, Learning Resources, for three years to inspire parents to incorporate early STEM and coding skills at home. The girls all have individual interests and Danielle and Adam try to integrate different experiences, toys, activities, and games that align with each one. 

Danielle shared that the quints watched with amazement last year when older sister Blayke learned to code with Botley the Coding Robot. This summer the Coding Critters have been a big part of playtime in the Busby home since they are adorable early coding toys designed for preschoolers, perfect for the four-year-old quints! The girls were able to pick their favorite sets between the puppy, cat, and dino, and have been on the ground coding and having dance parties ever since! With the ongoing challenge to limit screen time, the Busbys feel it is wonderful to have toys that teach such important early coding skills that are also completely screen-free. And every parent knows the satisfaction of seeing their child have an ‘a-ha!’ moment. It’s amazing to see their little eyes widen in excitement when they accomplish something new!

Explore Houston

Explore Houston

The Busbys love to travel and, although it requires a ton of logistics and planning with a crew of eight, they make it a priority for their family. Danielle shared that they found themselves being so busy with daily activities, camps, etc. that they weren’t experiencing all of the things that make Houston so special. So, they created a special Houston Summer Fun List and try to visit multiple places each week that all provide opportunities for the girls to learn and grow. 

Some of their favorites are the Houston Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Houston, Space Center Houston (they had a birthday playdate for Blayke there last year), and the Houston Aquarium. Danielle feels like they have fallen in love with their city all over again by doing this! They also love little weekend festivals where the girls can run and play outside. And anytime there are animals involved, that is a total win, even the creepy creatures at reptile parks! The girls also recently fell in love with longhorns at a West Texas ranch which was so special to observe.

Keep Them Moving (and Healthy)

Keep them moving

From yoga to gardening to swimming to gymnastics to Danielle’s personal favorite, plank challenges, the Busby girls learn so much from playing and being active each day! Outdoor exploration and movement help everyone feel better and stay healthy. Plus, when they are so active and have ample fresh air and Vitamin D, it helps them sleep so much better at night.



The Busbys keep the girls’ gears turning by traveling as much as possible. They have recently visited New York, Louisiana to visit family, and then a Dude Ranch in West Texas keeping the open exploration and excitement for new places ongoing. And it is always fun to follow along with their adventures on the show, from Disney cruises with everyone in pirate attire to appearances on morning shows.

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Try New Things

Try new things

Whether it is a food like meatloaf or volleyball camp, the Busbys keep the girls’ minds, palettes, and adventures constantly expanding. Plus, they added a new family member, Beaux the French Bulldog, which has been such a big part of the fun this summer. 

The Busbys have loved exploring and learning alongside their girls all summer long and we look forward to hearing about many adventures to come!

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