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Coat-Hanger Mask

Here's an activity that will let your child make a mask depicting their favorite fictional character. They can also create a new character!
Wire-Hanger Mask Activity for Kids

Coat-Hanger Mask


  1. Wire coat hanger
  2. Old nylon stocking
  3. Fabric and felt scraps
  4. Yarn
  5. Glue


The adult will need to manipulate the coat hanger until it is in a rounded shape. Cut nylon stocking in half and pull lower (footed) half over the coat hanger. Tie around the neck with the yarn. Cut out eye and mouth shapes from fabric and felt pieces. Glue them onto the stocking. Make a few masks so you can act out different scenes. When finished, your child can hold the mask in front of her face and pretend to be the character depicted.

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