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Clothespin Trivet

You can use clothespins to make a nifty flower trivet for your child to paint.
By: Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book

Clothespin Trivet


  • 21 spring-style clothespins
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • Clear acrylic spray


  1. Pull the clothespins apart and discard the springs.
  2. Glue the smooth sides of the pieces in each pair together.
  3. Let the glue dry.
  4. Arrange the pairs in a flower blossom shape with the pointed ends touching in the center.
  5. Glue the parts that are touching and press them together. Let the glue dry.
  6. Have your child paint the trivet.
  7. Finish it with clear acrylic spray.

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