5 Back-to-School Must Haves

by: Kelly Sundstrom
These top back to school gadgets and tools will help your kiddos get off to a great start.
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Starting the new school year can be very exciting at first. But it can also feel stressful for your child, and pretty soon they might start experiencing all the distractions and pressures that exists in the classroom. Before this happens, get your kids off on the right foot with a few of these must-have back to school gadgets and tools.


Photo Credit: HandiThings

Little hands (and even big hands) get tired very quickly from handwriting exercises and paper writing that takes place in the classroom. Not only that, but a lot of children hardly even pick up a pencil or pen during summer, especially when they use smartphones, tablets and computers. Help your child achieve better handwriting with HandiWriter, which encouraged proper grasp and gently adjusts the pencil to an ideal location for writing.

Purchase for $4.95 at HandiThings

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

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Photo Credit: Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Help your child ease stress throughout the school day with Thinking Putty, a stretchable, moldable, squeezable material available in a wide array of colors. It helps with sensory integration, fidgeting, distraction by keeping the hands busy. Housed in a handy tin, Thinking Putty can easily fit inside your child's backpack and is latex and phthalate-free.

Price: $10.00 at Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Ergobag Backpack

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Photo Credit: Ergobag

Save your child's spine and make life a little easier on them by investing in Ergobag, an ergonomic backpack designed to distribute weight evenly across the shoulder and pelvis. Available in a variety of patterns, Ergobag is also customizeable with exchangeable Kletties, contains reflective material, and features super comfortable padded straps and hip belt. Better yet, it's made from 100% recycles PET bottles!

Purchase for $129 at Ergobag

MB Tresor Bento Lunchbox

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Photo Credit: Monbento

Taking your child's lunch to the next level means using the MB Tresor Bento Lunchbox. This compact container contains two food cups, can be used in microwaves (without the lids), is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and can be customized with decorative, interchangeable tabs.

Purchase for $28.99 at Monbento

Fidget Cube

back to school gadgets

Photo Credit: Antsy Labs

If you have a child that the distractable type, help your kiddo (and the teacher) by including a Fidget Cube in their backpack. This small cube contains size sides of quiet action so your child can use it in class without distracting other students. Actions include flipping, gliding, breathing, rolling, clicking, and spinning.

Purchase for $22 at Antsy Labs

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