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Updated March 13, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

  • Dutch : Harbor

Girl name variations

How Popular Is The Name Hagen

Family name origins & meanings

  • North German and Dutch : topographic name from Middle Low German hage(n), Middle Dutch haghe ‘enclosure’, ‘hedge’.
  • German, Dutch, and Danish : from a Germanic personal name, a short form of the various compound names formed with hag ‘enclosure’, ‘protected place’ as the first element.
  • German : nickname from Middle High German hagen ‘breeding bull’.
  • Jewish (Ashkenazic) : of uncertain origin; perhaps the same as 1.
  • English : from an Old Scandinavian or continental Germanic personal name Hǫgni ‘protector’, ‘patron’ (Old Norse), Haghni (Old Danish), Hagano (Old Germanic).
  • Norwegian : habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads so named, from the definite singular form of hage, from Old Norse hagi ‘enclosure’.
  • Swedish : ornamental or topographic name from the definite singular form of hage ‘enclosed pasture’.

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