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Updated May 5, 2023

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Latin was the language of ancient Rome and was spoken in the areas around Rome, originally known as Latium. It was the dominant language throughout the Roman Republic and remained prevalent throughout the western Roman empire. 

Below is a list of Latin names that would make great options for your brand new bundle of joy. Latin is a widely spoken language and many words and names have both Latin origin, as well as other languages. Examples are Spanish, French, and English. The names included below are very common first names that are seen used all over the world such as Europe and Latin America.

Origin of Latin Names

When looking back at the origins of the Latin language, it dates all the way back to ancient Rome. Latin was the official language all around the Roman Empire. The Latium region is said to be where Latin came from, as well as the Italic tribe Latini who was the first to speak the dialect. There are several types of Latin as the language evolved such as Classical Latin, which was used during the Golden Age and Silver Age of literature. There's also Medieval Latin from the Middle Ages.
Latin spread throughout Europe after the fall of the ancient Roman Empire, as well as Central and South America (together with the Caribbean, this is known as modern "Latin America"). Several languages have been influenced by Latin, the biggest being Italian, Greek, Spanish, and French.

Latin Naming Traditions

Like in many cultures, Latin names typically consist of a personal name and a family name. The methods for picking baby names date back to Roman civilization, where most names consisted of 3 parts. The first or praenomen is the given name chosen by the baby's parents. There were no restrictions on this name, by the family's cultures and traditions were taken into consideration when it's chosen. The second name, or nomen, was also known as the "gentile name" and it was given based on the family name. It was based on common ancestors, so it was similar to a surname. Finally, there is the cognomen, which was first used as another personal name. Most of the time, it was chosen based on someone's region, occupation, or even habit. It was a unique identifier that was used to distinguish individuals among families.

The Most Popular Latin Boy Names (and Meanings)

  1. Albus - Meaning "white" in Latin, this name is a derivative of the ancient family name Albinus.
  2. Amadeus - The Latin name for "love of God."
  3. Augustus - A masculine Latin name that means "exalted."
  4. Cassius - This name means "vain" in Latin.
  5. Dominic - Derived from the name Dominicus, this name of Latin origin means "belonging to the Lord."
  6. Felix - This is a common Roman family name and in Latin means "happiness."
  7. Julius - Made famous by Julius Caesar, this name is Latin for "youthful" and English for "love's child."
  8. Leo - A Greek and German name that means "lion" or "lion-hearted."
  9. Lucius - This is the Latinized version of the German name Lutz and it means "light."
  10. Magnus - This name means "the great one" in Latin.
  11. Remus - This Latin name means "swift oarsman."

The Most Popular Latin Girl Names (and Meanings)

  1. Adria - This is the feminine form of Adrian and it means "dark one."
  2. Alba - This is the feminine version of Albin and it means "a thick vegetation."
  3. Eliana - Greek for "mercy" and Hebrew for "my God has answered."
  4. Gloria - This Latin name means "glory."
  5. Isabella - Hebrew and Spanish for "consecrated to God."
  6. Lillian - This name is derived from the Latin word for the lily flower.
  7. Margarita - Greek and Persian for "child of light" and Latin for "pearl."
  8. Ruby - Latin and French for "deep red precious stone."
  9. Sofia - The name of the capital of Bulgaria and is means "wisdom" in Greek.
  10. Valentina - This is the feminine form of Valentine and it is Latin for "good health."
  11. Viola - Latin, and Scandinavian for "violet."

 latin first names

Image: Rome, Italy

Latin Unisex Names  (and Meanings)

  1. Adrian - Latin for "dark one" and "son of Adria."
  2. Augustine - This Latin name means "exalted."
  3. Castiel - This name means "angel of Thursday" in Latin.
  4. Caydence - This Latin name is also a musical term and it means "rhythm."
  5. Juno - Some say this is derived from the Italian name Giovanni. It is Latin for "young" and "queen."
  6. Mercury - Italian for "God of invention" and Latin for "God of trade."
  7. Nova - Latin for "new" and it is also a Spanish habitational family name.
  8. Orion - Greek for "son of fire" and also is the name of a constellation.
  9. Paris - Besides being a city in France, this name is Italian for "lover" and the name of a character in Greek mythology.
  10. Ren - This name is the Japanese word for "waterlily."

Most Popular Latin First Names on FamilyEducation: Ethan, Sawyer, Emily, Luna

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