The Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for One-Year-Olds

Updated: March 2, 2021
Not sure what to buy your little one this holiday season? We have the ultimate list of toys and gifts for one-year-olds.
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What kinds of presents should you get a one-year-old this holiday season? At this age, babies transition into toddlers. They grow more alert and pay closer attention to their environment. While interest in small objects drives small muscle development, gross motor skills kick into gear as they prepare to take their first steps. 

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We rounded up 10 perfect gifts for one-year-olds. These gifts will be fun and interesting to young toddlers while assisting their development.

Baby Doll

One-year-olds love smiling at and babbling to realistic-looking baby dolls. You can also talk about the doll’s body parts to increase vocabulary. This toy is great for both boys or girls. 

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Board Book Collection 

The single most important way to raise a child to love reading is by exposing them to books early on. One-year-olds love factual topics like shapes, colors, or animals, so this board book is perfect.

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Buckle Animals

Your little one is probably very interested in the buckles on his car seat. Build upon that fascination with this fun and cuddly toy. 

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Knobbed Puzzles

Little ones can easily complete these single piece puzzles by holding the knobs, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. The realistic-looking images featured in this set are ideal for one-year-olds, who are fascinated with learning about the world. 

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Latch Board

This one will keep them busy. The challenge level is just right to keep young toddlers engaged. One-year-olds will delight in unlatching each door to discover the animals inside.

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Miniature Piano

Young toddlers will love pressing the piano keys and hearing its different notes. Musical toys or any kind are a win, but we love this Hape piano because it mixes banging on the keys like a drum with a variety of sounds to explore. 

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Play Cleaning Supplies 

At one, babies want to play with their parents’ “toys”. They love miniature versions of what adults use in daily life. These realistic-looking cleaning supplies are perfect for “helping”. 

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Ring Stacker

Playing and exploring with this toy introduces concepts of size and order. Stacking the rings and pulling them is fun and just challenging enough for developing fingers. 

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Shape Sorter

One-year-olds love the feeling of accomplishment when they figure out which shape goes where. This toy supports visual discrimination and fine motor skills. 

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Stacking Cups

Another classic. Use them in the bath or stack them to make a tower. There is no limit to what you can do with stacking cups.

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