8 Warning Signs Your Child's Daycare Is Not Right for You

It's important to know what to look for in a quality daycare center, as well as signs that may indicate a potential problem. Learn more about these eight daycare warning signs, and be aware of any red flags that you may notice.


Daycare is a necessary option for many working moms today. A study by PewResearch says that  71% of all mothers work outside the home in the U.S. today. So, how can you know if you are leaving your child in the best possible care?
Here are 8 warning signs to help determine whether your daycare is a safe and healthy place for your child.


  1. Vague or Undocumented Policies
    Make sure to choose a daycare center that is completely certified and up-to-date on all regulations and policies regarding your child’s discipline and learning.


  2. Untrained Staff
    A study conducted at Rutgers University links early learning and development to teacher qualifications. Make sure to check if the staff is licensed and trained in early childhood education and has hands-on experience with children the same age as your child.


  3. Low Standards for Safety
    Does your daycare provide basic amenities? Is the safety of your children its top priority? Make sure the building and the people are safe for your little ones.


  4. Disrespect for Your Concerns
    Have you raised a concern multiple times but it isn’t getting addressed by the staff?
    Discuss your issue with the managers personally to find a solution. If concerns still aren’t being met, this may be the time to change care providers.


  5. Frequent Staff Changes
    Is your child being mishandled at the daycare or the staff changes frequently?
    Make surprise visits to your child’s daycare to inspect the condition of the facilities and the staff’s reaction to your visit.


  6. Inadequate Staff-to-Child Ratio
    Visit daycare frequently to check if they have enough staff to handle the number of children at the daycare.


  7. Improper Cleanliness
    Young children can be sensitive to dirt and germs. Evaluate if the staff maintain proper hygiene and sanitary conditions, follow hand-washing rules, and clean its toys and surfaces every day.


  8. Lack of Communication

    Ensure that you daycare holds meetings with parents regularly to provide reports and updates on your child’s progress.