"Appy" Friday! FamilyEducation's Top Free App of the Week

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Hi everyone! Appy Friday! This week’s app is SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks. It’s a great app for your older kids to use to work on their SAT vocabulary through games and puzzles. So here it is.


So, basically what happens is you get a word—and this is Pamper—and you have to choose between the words before the water level gets down. And if you get it right it goes back and you keep doing that. Now, if you miss a word, the water depletes, the little fish will get sad, and you’ll get a chance to start over.


So it’s a really great way for your kids to work on memorization and rapid recall through a really fun game.

This app is great for ages seven and up. We’re using the lite version. There is an extra package for $4.99, if you decide that you want to do that, but the free version is great too. Once again, SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks, great for ages seven and up. Thanks for watching! Until then, Appy Friday