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The 5 Worst Jobs for Teens

Before you give the okay to a part-time job for your high-schooler, find out what the worst work is for teens.

The 5 Worst Jobs for Teens

The National Consumers League has pegged these jobs as the most dangerousfor kids.

1. Delivery and other driving: including operating or riding on forkliftsand other motorized equipment.

2. Working alone in cash-based businesses such as convenience stores,gasoline stations, and fast-food establishments.

3. Traveling youth crews: selling candy, magazine subscriptions, and otherconsumer goods on street corners, in strange neighborhoods, in distantcities, and across state lines.

4. Cooking — exposure to hot oil and grease, hot water and steam, and hot cooking surfaces.

5. Construction — including work at heights and contact with electrical power.

What Teachers Think
Should kids be discouraged from working more than 15 hours during theschool week?

You may be swayed by what teachers think:

  • Fifty-one percent ofteachers who took part in a recent Phi Kappa Delta survey said that part-time work hurts students' academic performance.

  • Only 8 percent said that it has apositive effect.
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