Sweet 16 Gifts for Girls

Updated: February 12, 2020
It's the birthday every girl looks forward to—her sweet 16th. A special year deserves a special gift. To inspire you, we've collected some birthday gift ideas that ought to charm any teenage girl, and we've got options for every budget.
sweet 16 gifts for girls

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Turning sixteen is such a momentous occasion, so coming up with the perfect sweet 16 gift ideas can be a daunting task. Sweet 16 gifts should reflect the magnitude of this special milestone yet also touch upon the fun energy and style of this entrance into young adulthood. Here are 10 favorite sweet 16 birthday gift ideas that your teen girl will love.

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Sweet Gifts Under $25

Sweet 16 Jewelry

Young teens can often feel like they are waiting a lifetime to reach that magical age of sixteen, and when they finally get there, they want to flaunt it. Sweet 16 jewelry gives a young girl a way to celebrate and accessorize every day. Whether it’s a sweet 16 ring, necklace, or bracelet, your teen will love this beautiful memento.

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Engraved Keychain

The age sixteen is often synonymous with entering the world of driving. It makes it all the more exciting if your teen’s keys to freedom are attached to a personalized and engraved key chain. You can even share some words of wisdom in your choice of engraved words.

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Memory Scrapbook

Just like the baby book you may have created for your daughter, this milestone time of life calls for another book of memories. Capture how she has grown and changed in a memory scrapbook. You can share all of her favorite memories there and the moments that have made you proud with the perfect choice of pictures and crafting supplies.

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Sweet 16 Gifts $50-$100

Retro Ball Gown or Dress

retro dresses

Your teen’s beauty shines all the time. Help her see how timeless that beauty is by gifting her with a retro ball gown and a special place to wear it.

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Money Cake

Mark this special occasion but providing your teen with the gift to choose what she would like. A money cake is a fun way to present the gift in a very memorable and surprising way. Plus you can personalize the cake to match your daughter’s personality and favorite flavors.

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New Driver Gift Basket

sweet 16 gift ideas: new driver gift basket

A new driver gift basket allows you to tap into your own creativity, and your teen will appreciate the thought and effort that went into it. Gift your favorite girl with all she needs as a new driver - phone holder, travel mug, ice scraper, flashlight, first aid pack, and more. She will feel more ready than ever to begin her learning to drive adventure.

For instructions on how to create the ultimate new driver gift basket, check out Also Known As Mama.

Sweet 16 Gifts Over $100

Vanity Set

Your teen is beautiful on the inside and out. Help her set up the perfect spot for her self expression with a vanity set where she can have fun creating and recreating all of the looks that make up the strong and impressive young woman she has grown into.

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Leather Backpack

Give your teen the gift of inspiration for all of her future adventures. A leather backpack can last a lifetime and will symbolize how you knew, way back when she was sixteen, that she would pursue her dreams and see the world.

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Sweet 16 Gifts Over $500


If your teen loves taking pictures with her smartphone, help her take that interest to the next level. She can learn photography skills with a beginner DSLR camera. This will be a wonderful new skill to learn and a way for her to capture all of her special memories.

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A laptop gives your special girl a passport to the future. It’s a way to gift her with a tool of education, creativity, and entertainment, and she can take it no matter where she goes.

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Regardless of what you choose, as long as you capture your teen’s personality and unique identity, your gift will be a hit no matter what. Sweet 16 is a time to remember, and you’ll help to make it as special as can be with your thoughtful gift choice.

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