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  • Family Travel Games

    Allison is on maternity leave, so in the meantime, the staff here at FE will be posting some guest posts until she gets back. ************* Fami... read more

  • Going back is hard to do

    For us, and for many families all over the country, this Monday morning isn't just plain old Monday, but going-back-to-school Monday. And it's not jus... read more

  • The spacing game

    Last night, while dozing and resting with the kids during their respective bedtime routines (rituals), I realized yet another one of the many marvelou... read more

  • Busy Night Garlic Pasta

    As this brand new school year is now going on about a week old, each succeeding week seems to get a wee bit busier for the Sweet Pea family.  I t... read more

  • Fall back

    I'll never forget with what dread Scott and I awaited the first ever Daylight Savings time as parents. From almost Day 1 of L.'s life, we just sensed ... read more

  • A feast for the family

    While most of the country yesterday was cooking up pots of Super Bowl chili, melting pounds of cheese for nachos, and downing seven-layer dip and othe... read more

  • Back-to-school basics

    We have one full week of back-to-school under our belts, but many of my friends are gearing up for their first full weeks. We've had a busy travel... read more