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Great Books for Boys

Great Books for Boys

The Stupids Step Out, by Harry Allard
The Stupid family and their dog Kitty have a fun-filled day doing ridiculous things.

Patrick's Dinosaurs, by Carol Carrick
When his older brother talks about dinosaurs during a visit to the zoo, Patrick is afraid, until he discovers they all died millions of years ago.

Updated: March 2, 2021

The Ultimate Bucket List of Books to Read for Kids

The ultimate list of books for kids to read before they are teens

One of the very first places we turn to when we need to explain ideas to kids or to push the limits of the imagination is a good book. While we consider some kid’s books as classics found in any home library, others are newer releases well worth a place in your child’s mind. If you are looking for memorable and impactful books to read for kids before they become teenagers, we’ve put together the perfect list.