11 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests


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by: Lindsay Hutton
To help children prepare adequately for tests (whether teacher-made or standardized), you can do several things to provide support and create a positive test-taking experience.
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Study the Material
The best way to prepare for tests is to study, know the work, and take the right courses.
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Help Your Child Relax
If your child is nervous at test time, ask her teacher for tips on helping her relax.
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Plan Your Schedule Accordingly
Make sure that your child is in school during the testing sessions. Do not plan any doctor or dental appointments on test dates.
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Ask Your Child How He Did
Make sure that you are aware of your child's performance and that you can help interpret the results when they become available.
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Know How the Results Will Affect Your Child
Remember to keep well-informed about your child's tests. Know how test results are used, and how they will affect your child's placement in school.
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Take Action
If there are major differences between standardized test scores and school grades, find out why.
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Set a Study Schedule
Encourage your child to study over a period of time rather than "cram" the night before.
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Speak Up
Encourage your child to listen carefully to all test-taking directions given by the teacher and to ask questions about any directions that are unclear.
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Get Some Sleep
See that your child gets his/her regular amount of sleep before the tests and is well-rested.
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Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
Make sure that your child eats his/her usual breakfast on the day of the test. Hunger can detract from a good test performance.
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Be Her Cheerleader
Encourage your child to do his/her best.

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