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Expert advice on how to get kids to enjoy reading.
Any thoughts on getting kids to enjoy reading?
Children who love to read usually can tell you the kinds of books they love. On the other hand, children who don't enjoy reading generally say they don't like any books. Today we can't accept that answer. There are so many types and sizes of books that there truly is something for everyone. We need to help kids find books that will intrigue and capture their interest so that they can't wait to turn the page.

A good first step is taking children to the public library and working with the children's librarian. Let your children become familiar with where the books are. Ask the librarian to show your kids the most popular books. Go to the library regularly. If your child is a reluctant reader, then read the books together aloud. Children in elementary school still enjoy listening to picture books and easy readers. The pictures and the words may be just right to pique their interest. Books have no grade level and reluctant readers should not be restricted to a certain section in the library or bookstore.

Generally speaking, children who enjoy reading usually have parents who enjoy reading. Parents who read the newspaper, write and receive letters, buy books for presents, subscribe to magazines and choose to read rather than watch TV are modeling the importance of reading in their lives to their children.

Children enjoy being read to and the more it's done, the more they want it. Many parents enjoy reading to their children -- it's a rewarding ritual for both children and parents. Some parents cannot read to their children because they do not have the ability to do

After teaching in California for nearly ten years, Barbara Callaghan moved to New Hampshire in 1985 and became a principal. After 10 years as a principal, she returned to teaching, her first love and true vocation.

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