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How can I get my son to do his seatwork in school, especially to copy notes? His teachers always complain of his restlessness and overall lack of attention to schoolwork.
You don't indicate your son's age, and that makes a difference both in teacher expectations and in what your son is able to do as far as copying notes, attending to the teacher, and so forth. Older children (second or third grade and older) would be expected to be more successful at completing seatwork than would younger children.

Ask the school counselor to observe your son in the classroom. The counselor can give you an objective opinion of what may be going on with your son. Something as simple as moving his desk to another part of the room or setting up a secret cue such as the teacher touching his shoulder may make a big difference in your son's attention.

If your son is in an upper elementary grade and you haven't already done so, you may want to talk with your pediatrician about what is going on with him. The doctor may have other suggestions for things you could try.

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