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I would like to learn more about the Kuhlmann-Anderson IQ Test administered to fourth-graders.
The Kuhlmann-Anderson Intelligence Test is a standardized group intelligence test that may be given in grades K-12. The test was originally developed in the 1920's but has been updated several times since then. The test has verbal and nonverbal items (although the items are primarily nonverbal in the early grades) and takes 50-75 minutes to complete. The test correlates well with performance in school and on other intelligence tests. Test scores allow comparisons with other children by both chronological age and by grade level, and the test gives reliable results from one testing to the next.

Two reference books that give complete information on various testing instruments are Tests in Print V: An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests by Linda Murphy, Barbara Plake, and James Impara and The Thirteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook by James Impara and Barbara Plake. These may be available in your local public or college library.

Also, if you have questions about specific tests given to your child, an excellent human resource is the school psychologist who works for your district. School psychologists are trained in assessment, intervention, and consultation and are very familiar with tests given to children in the schools.

IQ Test

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