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    Following Directions
    The Noble Duke of York
    The Noble Duke of York Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes This is a traditional action song that will get your child moving while she learns directions. Teach your child the following song a...
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    Car Games
    Ninety-Nine Bottles of...
    Ninety-Nine Bottles of... Okay, everybody knows the tune, and everybody knows that there is a whole lot of beer involved. And you probably also know that as you get down to about seventy-five bottles (that's twenty-five verses, already!), the av...
  • School and Learning
    Beep Game
    Beep GameDirections Choose a familiar story, song, or rhyme that your child has heard often. Read or recite the story, song, or rhyme, but substitute wrong words or names in obvious places. For example: "Old MacDonald had a car" or "Mary had a li...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
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    Learning Activities for Toddlers
    Jingle Bell Roller
    Jingle Bell RollerMaterials Empty coffee can with lid Jingle bells or jar lids Directions Put bells or metal jar lids inside the empty coffee can. Securely glue or tape the plastic lid onto the coffee can. Your child can help you decorate the ou...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Toddler's Busy Book
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    Fourth of July
    "The Star-Spangled Banner" Lyrics
    "The Star-Spangled Banner" LyricsThe lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner" are particularly poignant and meaningful during this time of national mourning and pride. Be sure you and your kids know the words to this anthem that has brought courage a...