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Paying for College

Find information, tips, tools, and other resources to put you and your child at the top of the class when it comes to finding, saving, and investing money for college.

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers

Do you have information on scholarships for students who are homeschooled? read more

Containing the High Cost of College

Containing the High Cost of College Mom-isms To matriculate is to enroll in something, usually a college or university. Your child is matriculating into college. You, at this time, are matriculating into a new group, too—the elite group of mothers-of-adult-children. read more

Extracurricular Activities and Scholarships

Many scholarships are awarded based on how well-rounded a student is in all aspects of his life. read more

Financial Aid and FAFSA

Financial Aid and FAFSABrought to you by the American School Counselor Association The first step in the financial aid process is to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Hopefully, you've read up on the FAFSA and its importance in the financial aid process. Even if you don't think you will qualify for grants, you must file a FAFSA to be eligible for federal loans as well as work-study jobs. Even though the FAFSA pertains directly to federal aid, most states use the FAFSA to determine state-based financial aid. read more

Financial Aid Milestones

Financial Aid MilestonesHere's a list of the key steps you'll have to take in applying for financial aid. The timing we suggest here is approximate, and you should check with each of the schools where you're applying to ensure that it doesn't have different deadlines. Junior Year read more

Financial Responsibility and Higher Education

A parent wants to teach his son financial responsibility, but is not sure how much to help with tuition for college and beyond. read more

Finding Money for College

Finding Money for CollegeExperts report that many colleges are so concerned about declining student enrollments (down 13.5 percent from 1975), that they are willing to negotiate financial arrangements. To aid in this process, we offer the following suggestions:Shop for great deals. read more

Finding the Best College Scholarship for Your Teen

Finding the Best College Scholarship for Your Teen Enterprising students may be able to snatch thousands of additional dollars in scholarship money— the more you look, the more you'll find. To find out what scholarships and grants are out there, talk to your child's guidance counselor and college financial aid officers. Also go to a local or school library to check out directories on the subject. read more

Get the Stats: Teens and College Finance

Is your teen ready to manage money when she goes off to college? Take this quiz from the College Parents of America to find out. read more

How to Seek Financial Aid for Your Teen

How to Seek Financial Aid for Your Teen Here are the tasks you and your teen will need to take care of during his senior year. (Expect him to do as much as possible; it's a great way to learn the way the world works.) read more

Investing Money Towards College

When considering possible investments for a college fund, look at those that provide a reasonable expectation for growth and limited risk. read more

LD Scholarships

A mother seeks information about LD/ADD scholarships for a son about to enter college. read more

Non-U.S. Citizens and College Financial Aid

There may be a way for non-U.S. citizens to get financial aid for college. read more

Nontraditional Options for College Savings

Nontraditional Options for College Savings Traditional methods of saving for college are still popular, but there are some newer and more creative methods of saving, as well. read more

Private College Loan Perils

Private College Loan Perils Nearly 50% of undergraduate private student loan borrowers fail to exhaust their low-cost federal student loans to finance their college education.--Consumers Union report Alison Rabil, the director of financial aid at Barnard College, became concerned one day when she was examining figures on the number of students at the women's college who were taking out private loans. read more

Reality Check: Kids and Credit

How much do you know about kids and credit? Take our quiz and find out! read more

Repaying Your Student Loan

Repaying Your Student Loan Piggybank on It Your child can consolidate your various loans so that they're treated as if he had only one loan outstanding. This means he'll make only one monthly payment instead of monthly payments on each loan he has taken. read more

Saving for College: Best Advice for Families

Saving for College: Best Advice for FamiliesThe Hard Reality of Tuition CostsThe headline in the morning paper says it all: "Tuition Devouring More of Family Income." It seems that tuition costs aren't just rising steadily, like a financial iceberg that we will inevitably hit. They're also responsible for a huge, gaping hole in family income, more than previously realized. And, the less families earn, the harder they'll get hit. read more

Seven Questions To Ask the Financial Aid Officer

Seven Questions To Ask the Financial Aid OfficerA firsthand look read more

Shrinking the College Tab

The most effective way to shrink college expenses is to think big. Aim for merit awards or fat financial aid packages. There are plenty of other opportunities, however, that you can seize to whittle down costs. Here are some to get you started: read more

Student Loan Primer

Student Loan Primer Our parents always told us that hard work was the only road to success, but if they're so "successful" why are we stuck with all these student loans?--Wake Forest University student, read more

Talking About Money with Your College-Bound Child

Talking About Money with Your College-Bound Child It is the summer after high school graduation and you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for the changes that are ahead. You have to get in some last mothering fixes before your baby leaves your nest and comes back a changed person. How do you get your almost-in-college child to sit still for your last-minute lectures? read more

The Cost of Higher Education

The Cost of Higher Education Yearly costs at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have topped $34,000 a year, while students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., pay about $33,000. An education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia costs approximately $32,000 a year, Tulane University in New Orleans is about $31,000, and students at Rice University in Houston hand over about $23,000 a year. Of course, not all colleges and universities cost as much as these prestigious institutions, but college these days is an expensive venture. read more

The Scholarship Scam Quiz

Do you know how to recognize the signs of a scholarship scam? Quiz yourself and find out. read more

Tips for Students: Hunting for College Money

Tips for Students: Hunting for College Money All right, so now you've been looking at colleges and you probably know where you want to apply. You might be nervous if you're applying to some expensive schools, but don't worry – there is financial aid out there for you, and we're going to help you get it. The one thing that we can tell you for certain about financial aid is that you have to work hard to get it. It would be nice if it all worked out on its own and someone came to your door with a full four-year scholarship, but that doesn't happen. read more

Top 10 Tips for Paying for College

No matter how much you scrimp and save, paying for your kids' college tuition can seem like an insurmountable task. With many four-year schools charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for a degree, most families need help getting their kids to graduation. Find ways to help take the burden off your bank account while still ensuring your child gets a quality education. read more

Top 6 Financial Aid Questions

Top 6 Financial Aid QuestionsHere are answers to some of the most common questions people ask about financial aid.  Are a student's chances of being admitted to a college reduced if the student applies for financial aid?How does the financial aid system work in cases of divorce or separation? How are stepparents treated?I will be receiving a scholarship from my local high school. How will this scholarship be treated in my financial aid award? read more

Watch Out! (A Warning About Scholarship Scams)

Watch Out! (A Warning About Scholarship Scams)There are many places out there that will let you search large databases of scholarships for those that meet your needs, but you have to be careful. Some of these are not legitimate, and many of them will take your money if you're not careful. You can ask your guidance counselor for suggestions, but if you want to go looking on your own, here a few warning signs that a scholarship or a scholarship search service may not be completely legitimate: read more

What's the Scoop on Scholarships?

How much do you know about scholarships? Take this quiz -- you might be surprised! read more

Winning the Financial Aid Lottery

Winning the Financial Aid Lottery It used to be that you could try for that reach school and if you got in, you didn't have to worry because everybody who got in, who needed money, got money. Today, however, as colleges are asked to fund more and more of their own operations with less and less assistance from the government, foundations, and families, they are increasingly reluctant to part with their money to enroll students who don't raise their academic profile. -The Real Deal on Financial Aid," Muhlenberg College Office of Admissions read more