Fun Quizzes, Educational Tests & Trivia Online for K-12 Children

  • Veterans Day

    Veterans Day QuizEveryone knows it's Veterans Day. But what do you know about this holiday and the American veterans it celebrates? Take the quiz and find out.
  • Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Awareness QuizDo you know how to look for warning signs of suicide? Take our quiz and find out.
  • Note-Taking

    Test Your Note-Taking Know-HowDo you know what it means to be a good note-taker? Test your knowledge with our quiz!
  • Mother/Daughter Relationships

    Are You an Adult "Mother-Blamer"?Take this quick quiz to see if you are guilty of constantly blaming your mother.
  • Harry Potter

    Hogwarts Quiz (beginner)Take this quiz on Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books.
  • Signs of Giftedness

    Is Your Elementary-School Child Gifted?This quiz can help you recognize the signs of special talents in your child.
  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Movie QuizHow well did you pay attention during the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Book Finder

    Book Finder Find our top picks for the best books of the year!
  • Toddler Nutrition

    Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition QuizWhat do you know about toddler and preschool nutrition? Test yourself on some of the more common food and nutrition myths.
  • Romantic Movies

    Romantic Movies QuizYou laughed, you cried, but how well do you remember them? Test your knowledge of romance movie trivia.
  • Harry Potter

    Hogwarts Quiz (advanced)See how much you know about Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books in this advanced quiz.
  • Children's Books

    Charlotte's Web Quiz: QuotesIn Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White, who said each of these quotes?
  • Endangered Species

    Endangered AnimalsSee how much you know about the planet's endangered species.
  • Manners

    General Manners for Kids & ParentsDouble dipping. "Please" and "Thank You." How are the kids doing when it comes to the social graces? The answers to these five questions may tell -- and we'll tally the score.
  • Setting Rules for Teens

    What Would You Do If...?Setting family rules with teens isn't easy. Take this quiz and compare your answers to the experts' suggestions!
  • Baby Names

    Baby Name Finder Search names and meanings in our Baby Name center.
  • Dog Breeds

    What's the Best Dog Breed for Your Family?Pups come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Take the quiz to find the right dog breed for your family.
  • Multiplication and Division

    Multiplication QuizTest your multiplication skills with this fun math quiz.