Fun Quizzes, Educational Tests & Trivia Online for K-12 Children

  • Harry Potter

    Where Would the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Place You?Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, you may not be able to attend Hogwarts, but at least you can find out what house the Sorting Hat would choose for you by taking this quiz.
  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year QuizWhen does the celebration begin? Have you got your firecrackers ready? It's time to see how much you know about this holiday.
  • Compatibility

    Are You and Your Spouse a Match Made in Heaven?Take the compatibility quiz to find out how you and your spouse match up on matters of finance, religion, family matters, and more.
  • Romantic Movies

    Romantic Movies QuizYou laughed, you cried, but how well do you remember them? Test your knowledge of romance movie trivia.
  • Signs of Giftedness

    Is Your Young Child Gifted?"Is my child gifted?" Take this quiz to learn how to recognize the signs of early giftedness in a child.
  • Mother/Daughter Relationships

    How Good Is Your Mother-Daughter Relationship?To test whether your mother-daughter relationship is strong, take this quiz.
  • African-American Women

    Notable African-American WomenTest your knowledge about famous African American women.
  • AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Can Be Healthy When it comes to screen time and kids, it isn't all bad news. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers guidelines on how to make screen time healthy and educational.
  • High School Math Tests

    The High-School Math ChallengeConcerned about math tests? Take the challenge! Find out what your teen needs to know.
  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights Heroes QuizTest your knowledge about famous civil rights heroes.
  • African-American Leaders

    African-American History (for Kids)This quiz will test kids' knowledge of notable people and events in African American history.
  • Immunizations and Vaccines

    Vaccines and Immunizations QuizVaccinations have minimized or eradicated numerous epidemics, but they're also controversial. How much do you know about childhood vaccination schedules, and general vaccine facts?
  • Children's Books

    The Curse of the Cheese PyramidTest your knowledge on the book The Curse of the Cheese PyramidM with this fun quiz.
  • Martin Luther King Jr

    Martin Luther King QuizTest your knowledge on Martin Luther King with this quiz.
  • Black History Month

    African-American QuotationsTest your knowledge of black history and quotations made by famous African Americans.
  • Fact Monster - a safe online educational space for kids

    Are you worried about your kids being online? Fact Monster is a KidSafe-certified site for your kids to get homework help, play games and watch educational videos. Check it out...and give Same Game a try yourself!

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  • African-American Leaders

    The Black Past QuizTake a moment to unmask the past and see if you recognize these details in black history.
  • Martin Luther King Jr

    Martin Luther King Jr Quiz for KidsHow much do you know about the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King?