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  • Disney Movies

    Disney VillainsHow much do you know about classic Disney villains?
  • Disney Movies

    Disney PrincessesHow much do you know about these fairy-tale princesses? Take the quiz and live happily ever after.
  • Children's Books

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The MovieYou've read the book, but what do you know about the film version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  • School-Related Movies

    Quiz: Back to School MoviesThis back to school season, test your knowledge of movies about high school.
  • Blockbuster Movies

    Austin Powers QuizThe Austin Powers movies were some of the highest grossing comedies of all time. How much do you know about them?
  • Scary Movies

    What Would You Do If You Were in a Scary Movie?Don't people in horror movies just seem so dumb sometimes? What would you do in the same situations? Would you be the first victim, or would you make it to the sequel? Find out!
  • Blockbuster Movies

    Blockbuster Movie QuizFrom Alien to Jurassic Park, test your knowledge of the cinema's biggest thrillers and chillers.
  • Famous Moms

    Mama Movie! QuizHow much do you know about the myriad moms who've graced the silver screen? Take our quiz.
  • Winter

    Winter Movies QuizWhether the weather outside is frightful or you just find winter delightful, see how much you know about the movies in which winter plays a starring role.
  • Early Reading Books

    Matilda QuizTest your magic powers by answering questions about the book Matilda.
  • Early Reading Books

    Thomas Takes OffAll aboard! Next stop: Thomas the Tank Engine Quiz. See how much you remember.
  • Games

    Pokémon: The Power of OneYou've trained long and hard. Now it's time to face your toughest opponent ever -- this quiz.
  • Disney Movies

    Fantasia 2000 QuizMickey's back, but the rest of Fantasia 2000 is a new treat. See how much you know.
  • Science-Fiction Movies

    Intergalactic Sci-Fi QuizHow much do you know about intergalactic sci-fi? Take this quiz, and may the high score be with you.
  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare on the Silver Screen QuizDo you know which of the Bard's plays became popular films? Take this quiz and find out!
  • School-Related Movies

    Teacher Double FeatureHere are a few real-life teacher stories that have hit the big screen. Can you name the movies?