35 Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You LOL

Updated: August 3, 2021
To provide some pregnancy humor to all the mamas and the dads and partners who stick by our sides, we have collected 35 funny pregnancy memes guaranteed to have you laughing.
Pregnancy Memes
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If you are pregnant, have been pregnant, or even know someone pregnant, you understand the importance of finding humor during those long 10 months. (Yes, it really is ten from start to finish.)

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As someone who’s been a pregnant woman twice, I am all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of the eternal third trimester, the constant need to pee, and all the associated cravings, aches, and pains that accompany pregnancy.

To provide some pregnancy humor to all the mamas and the dads and partners who stick by our sides, we have collected 35 funny pregnancy memes guaranteed to have you laughing.

Whether you are just starting your journey and dealing with morning sickness, are entering your third trimester and gearing up for your baby shower, or have just given birth and are on maternity leave, we have some pics to make new moms and pros alike go, LOL.

Food & Craving Memes

Source: shesthehonestmom • Instagram

1. I can’t think of a meme that could sum up the feeling of pregnancy better. I requested sushi, wine, and a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks the next day!

Source: betchesmoms • Instagram

2. Honestly, no one should judge a pregnant woman for how much she eats. It’s a lot of work growing another human!

Source: shesthehonestmom • Instagram

3. Red, red wine was what I was craving! Of course, you have to balance what you drink with breastfeeding, but at least you can have a drink now and then.

Source: shesthehonestmom • Instagram

4. This is #funnyfunny, but in reality, it is relatively accurate! I craved avocados, egg salad, and Lucky Charms!

Body & Mood Memes

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5. There are some funny pictures out there, but this pic combined with this text made me giggle. Hair loss or no, trying to look cool postpartum is a struggle!

Source: mixhers • Instagram

6. This is the perfect third-trimester meme.

Source: style_u_bump_mom_and_baby • Instagram

You would think by now people know not to comment on your weight and size! Although I am pretty sure there are times you could have rolled me out of a room!

Source: babydelightinc • Instagram

8. Yes, our babies take our breath away with their adorable looks but this one sums up how you begin to feel as you approach your due date!

Source: gugu_guru • Instagram

Source: honestlymommy • Instagram

10. Another true-to-life pregnancy quote! I was three months pregnant on a cruise and ate a lot, I mean A LOT of ice cream, and I wondered … do people realize I’m pregnant, or do they think I’m wearing these flowy dresses because of all the sweets?! #Stylepregnancy #fashionpregnancy

Source: sproutmaternity • Instagram

11. Pregnancy-brain is real! So is mom-brain; it carries over, so ladies just get used to it!

Source: kianaalia_ • Instagram

12. Brag Away, Momma! Those pregnancy hormones are no joke!

Source: bumptobabyacademy • Instagram

13. This meme is basically the poster for all pregnant women. #memespregnancy

Memes About How Long Pregnancy Lasts

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14. This is one of the funniest pregnancy memes and one of my favorites. Sure, I love Leo, but I love this because my first son was induced. My water broke before I even started having contractions! So he was definitely not playing along!

Source: ohbabyboxes • Instagram

15. up. Both my kids were late. That due date came and went. #quotespregnancy

Source: nurse_maddibryce • Instagram

16. #jokesfunny - but honestly, it does feel like forever. Someone said to me during my second pregnancy, “I feel like you’ve been pregnant forever.” My only thought was - If you feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, how do you think I feel? LOL

Source: joeybabywraps • Instagram

17. It’s true. Every day of that last month, you think, “Is today it?” Those days are long!

Source: melaniemcgrice • Instagram

18. If Babycenter wanted to reduce their online content to make it more concise, they could outline pregnancy this way! #funny pregnancy memesfunny

Pregnancy Sleep Memes

Source: the_pregnancy_calendar • Instagram

19. What a great tip, but I agree with the response! #pregnancypregnancy tipspregnancy

Source: pregnancyproblems • Instagram photos and videos

20. This funny baby (who has starred in a lot of memes!) says it all! Switching positions in the third trimester was no joke!

Source: pregnancyproblems • Instagram photos and videos

21. Definitely one of the worst parts of pregnancy is all the trips to the bathroom. I didn’t realize I would stop sleeping before the baby even arrived! #quotesmom #funnyfunny

Source: pregnancyproblems • Instagram photos and videos

22. I’ve seen this pic used in a lot of memes, but this pregnancy meme is without a doubt one of the funniest! I LOVED my body pillow and used it even postpartum!

Source: giselle.mutalova • Instagram

23. What can I say, accurate? When people talk about Tumblr, this is probably not what they mean, but Tumblr takes on a new meaning to a pregnant woman! #humorfunny

Source: the_pregnancy_calendar • Instagram

24. I have to say, as a mom, this cycle hasn’t changed much. But late at night is often the only time I have to myself, so c'est la vie! #quotesmom

Memes for the Dads and Partners

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25. I 100% agree with this couple’s ordering of most stressful events!

Source: the_pregnancy_calendar • Instagram

26. I don’t know how they know, but they all seem to want to be funny babies and stop kicking anytime anyone else tries to feel them move!

Source: new_england_dad • Instagram

27. This one is definitely one all the dads and partners can relate to! Don’t forget to remind her how beautiful she is daily! An ecard and flowers or ice cream probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Source: hopeandplum • Instagram

28. I don’t know where these people live that you cannot buy peanut butter at 9 am, but I once requested Lucky Charms at 11 pm.

Second (or third, fourth…) Pregnancy Memes

Source: neeva.baby • Instagram

29. Ok, this might be a slight exaggeration…. But it’s pretty close! Thank goodness for Facebook because now all we have to do is log on and post updates of our kids for the whole family to see.

Source: imumzone • Instagram

30. There is a huge difference the second time around!

Source: the_hotmess_supermom • Instagram

31. This is a meme all the moms can relate to, I am sure! But, who would have thought that breastfeeding would be the easy way to feed our kids?!

Source: allstarparents • Instagram

32. The second time around we are pros; at least we hope we are!

Source: balanced.birth.couple • Instagram

33. I watched Will and Kate get married with my 4-day old son and have loved watching their family bloom! Let’s remember, ladies, that she also has professional hair and makeup people.

Source: ruminanaturals • Instagram

34. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this one! They really were better listeners when they were still in the womb!

Source: randilynngreene • Instagram

35. This woman’s face and the chaos of her kids behind her say it all. No words are needed, some days you just don’t have the energy to care.

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