Pregnancy Fashion: What's Hot for Fall

by: Rachel Sokol
Rock that belly while looking trendy and stylish.
Pregnancy fall fashion
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Pregnancy is beautiful—you're growing a life inside of you and have all these new, sexy curves. As for clothing, you don't need to don floral muumuu's as your belly expands. Pregnancy fashion does indeed exist. You can still look fabulous, and rock that belly bump in trendy attire.

Celebrity stylist and mother-of-two Jeni Elizabeth Bianco, shares some fall fashion advice for pregnant women.  Her clients include Tamera Mowry, Marissa Winokur, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi—to name just a few!

Avoid Baggy Clothing

Pregnancy fall fashion

 Try and avoid wearing long, "tarp-  like" shirts and  dresses,  says  Bianco. "Don't  get me wrong,  everyone  loves an amazing    sundress, but try and save those  looks  for the last month."  Early  on  in pregnancy, opt for form-  fitting  calf-  length  dresses. "They're  adorable," says  Bianco. "Start with  one size  up than  your  normal."

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Find the Best Tailor

Find an amazing seamstress, says Bianco. Ask around for referrals. "If you come across an adorable shirt that you cannot live without and it doesn't come big enough, ask the seamstress to add some fabric to the seams."

Burgundy Rules

Pregnancy fall fashionStay away from bright colors, neon's and crazy prints. If you're super self-conscience, stick to grays, greens, blues, and burgundy (a purple-red). (According to Bianco, burgundy is one of Fall's hottest colors this year!). "And if your ankles allow it, have fun with some wedges or platform sneakers--my favorite look! I love a fitted jean and platform sneakers."

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Find Adequate Breast Support

Sometimes, as the breasts swell in pregnancy, finding an awesome bra or tankini can get complicated. "I always wore tank tops as a 'first-layer' under my shirts," says Bianco, who bought a ton of stretchy large tanks, a bit on the tighter side, from Target. "I always felt like they offered me more support, both with my belly and my breasts. I also bought a ton of the nursing bras, in all colors, a bit early and rocked them under tanks. They are super comfy and offer you a bit more coverage."

Rock Pajamas

pregnancy fashion pajamasVictoria Beckham was just photographed literally wearing men's pajamas. "They're all the rage now," says Bianco. "With that said, pregnancy's a perfect time to have 'comfy,' days! Oversize sweaters were also seen all over the runway for fall; just be sure to pair one with a legging or fitted pant."

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Jackets Are In

fall pregnancy fashio


 Cropped and long jackets are also fun for  Fall.  "Jackets don't have to  be  closed; open  looks  adorable, so don't go crazy buying a  huge size  in  coats  when preggo." Bonus?  You can wear  that same coat,  postpartum.


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Check Out the Celebs

Celebs oftentimes have this pregnancy fashion thing, down! After all, they have professional stylists helping them out. Google pics of your fave Hollywood moms for some style ideas. "One of my all-time favorite pregnant celebs to stalk was Kristin Cavallari," admits Bianco. "I felt like she had a lot of fun with her belly but always managed to look confident and classy. Olivia Wilde was another favorite."

Adds Bianco: "Ciara is pregnant right now and she's looking cute in overalls, jumpsuits, fitted T-shirts and torn denim with Converse."

If the Shoe Fits…

Bianco confesses one mistake she made when pregnant was trying to squeeze her feet into designer heels—not only were her feet swollen, but overall, it just wasn't practical.

However, just because you're expecting, doesn't mean you only live in sneakers. "Invest in affordable wedges and low heels. Stick to nudes; they always extend your leg. Purchase shoes that you know you may never wear again. Again basic colors; no need for brights. Also, I love a pair of nude ballet flats!"

Final Words

fall pregnancy fashion Bianca with MarissaBianco with actress and talk-show host Marissa Winokur

You will definitely miss your fave outfits as your pregnancy advances and your clothes feel tighter and tighter. But remember—it's temporary, and you get a precious little baby "gift" at the end.

"Again, the fall runway was full of burgundy and burnt yellow—favorable colors for pregnancy," says Bianco. "I am also a huge fan of white. For me, pregnancy is just as important as your wedding day, and wearing white is amazing."

She adds: "A V-neck is always sexy and at times takes away from areas that you may be more self-conscious about."
Overall, Bianco wants expecting women to remember when it comes to fashion, "It's super important to be comfortable, but have fun with it!"