Middle-School Transition and Grades

If your child's transition to middle school is affecting her grades, there are ways you can help her.
I am 12 years old and I am going into seventh grade and I am getting bullied by a girl and her friends. Please help me. I am too scared to go to school and I don't know what to do. Help!
I don't blame you for being scared and worried about going into seventh grade. Five kids sure are a lot of kids to make your life miserable. I am sure you are afraid that they will continue to tease and bully you and then say they are not doing it.

Michelle, as scary as it might seem to you, you have to tell your parent(s) about this and get them to speak to the school authorities. You have a right to go to school in a safe, comfortable environment where you can concentrate on your education. There really is a law that protects any kid from being harassed or teased all the time by kids in school. Your parents will talk with the school authorities and the guidance counselors and teachers at your school. These kids can then be dealt with so they will suffer consequences if they continue to bully you.

Please report any threats they make to you, like saying they'll beat you up if you tell. They can and will be stopped if you can be a brave girl and get some strong adults on your side. Bullies like these kids will continue unless they are shown up for what they are. Please write me back when you have done what I suggested. I want to know how things are working out.

Thanks for writing.

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