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Fireworks Safety

Fourth of July and fireworks go hand in hand. Although they're exciting to see, they can be dangerous. So stay safe as you celebrate the holiday.
Fireworks safety
By: Rebecca Desfosse

When it comes to how to have a backyard Fourth of July celebration, most people would agree that it isn't complete without a few fireworks. However, even backyard fireworks can be downright dangerous, causing serious burns, eye injuries and even death. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, fireworks are extremely dangerous and should only be handled by a well-trained adult -- and that includes sparklers. In fact, the only safe way to watch fireworks is to view a display put on by professional. Here's why:

Type of Fireworks:

  • Sparklers. Sparklers seem like they're fun for all ages, but they can actually cause severe injuries. According to an article from ABC News, sparklers can reach an astonishing 2,000 degrees and account for 16 percent of all firework-related injuries.
  • Firecrackers. The purpose of firecrackers is to explode and make loud noises. The dangers lie in exploding too early and causing injuries to hands and eyes.
  • Fountains. Fountains are devices that sit on the ground and shoot off a shower of colorful sparks. They're pretty, but can cause burns and eye injuries.
  • Rockets. Rockets, which whistle as they go into the sky and explode when they reach their peak, are the closest thing you can get to a professional-looking display in your backyard. As such, they are extremely dangerous and are even illegal in many states. Risks include explosion and fire.


fireworks safety

According to one article from the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Every type of legally available consumer firework has been associated with serious injury or death, and close adult supervision is not enough." Many parents think that as long as they keep the fireworks away from their kids, it will keep them safe. However, according the AAP article, one-fourth of the children who were injured from fireworks weren't actually handling the fireworks. Rather, they were bystanders. Furthermore, the accidents happened so fast, by the time the parents could react, it was too late.

What to Do Instead

fireworks safety


Instead of setting off your own backyard fireworks, go to a professional display. Not only will the fireworks look nicer, they're also put on by professionals who know what they're doing with less chance of mishap and injury.

When it comes to how to have a backyard July 4 celebration, avoid purchasing fireworks. Gather up the family and visit a professional display or opt for these fun crafts to keep the kiddos entertained.

Featured image source: Flickr/Adam Carter

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