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The Differences Between Bright and Gifted

In this article an expert provides some clues to help dteremine how gifted your child might be.
By: Janice Robbins, PhD

The Differences Between Bright and Gifted

Simple tree, complex treeThe Bright Child, Gifted Child Continuum

This worksheet will help you see where your child might fit on the scale between "bright" to truly "gifted." Try printing this chart out and plotting your child's talents along each row of dots. Whatever your child's place on this continuum, celebrate her enthusiasm, curiosity, and talents!

The Bright ChildThe Gifted Child

Knows the answersAsks the questions
Is interestedIs highly curious
Is attentiveIs mentally and physically involved
Works hardPlays around, yet tests well
Answers the questionsDiscusses in detail, elaborates
Is in the top groupIs beyond the group
Listens with interestShows strong feelings and opinions
Learns with easeAlready knows
Needs 6-8 repetitions for masteryNeeds 1-2 repetitions
Understands ideasConstructs abstractions
Enjoys peersPrefers adults
Grasps the meaningDraws inferences
Completes assignmentsInitiates projects
Is receptiveIs intense
Copies accuratelyCreates a new design

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