Patriotic Craft Activities for Kids

Kids can celebrate Presidents' Day, the Fourth of July, and other civic holidays in style with our great patriotic decorations. They'll learn about America, its history, and the holidays, while creating colorful crafts.
Egg Carton Uncle Sam
Save your empty egg cartons and teach your children the importance of recycling with this fun Uncle Sam craft activity.

Cut 4 cups from your carton — these will be used for your head and torso. Paint two of the cups blue and glue the open ends together. Next, paint the other two cups with a flesh-colored paint, and glue the open ends together as well.

Glue the flesh-colored cups horizontally on top of the blue cups to create a torso with a head on it (see picture.) Paint or glue eyes and a nose onto the head, and add white yarn for whiskers and hair.

Cut arms, hands, and feet out of construction paper, and attach them to the body.

Finally, make a red and white striped hat out of construction paper. Cut two circles from white construction paper, making one smaller than the other. Glue the larger circle to the top of Uncle Sam's head. Roll a piece of white paper and tape it closed to create the main part of the hat. Add red stripes using a crayon or marker, and glue it on top of the base. Add the smaller circle on top to close the hole and trim it to be the same diameter as the hole to complete your hat.

Patriotic Hat
Kids can dress the patriotic part for Presidents' Day or the Fourth of July with this crafty hat.

All you need for this simple hat is red, white, blue, and yellow construction paper, and staples, glue, or tape.

Cut a strip of paper from the red, white, and blue paper. Glue or staple the ends together to form a three-sided hat (see picture.)

Cut a star from the yellow paper, and glue or staple it to the front of your hat. Your child will love sporting this hat to show his patriotic side!

Patriotic Design
This patriotic art activity is a great way for you to celebrate any civic holiday.

Cut different shapes of different sizes out of red and blue construction paper — squares, rectangles, and stars are great for a patriotic theme. Glue them onto a piece of white construction paper to create your very own patriotic design to display.

Star Design
Create a picture using the stars and stripes as basic elements.

Ask your child to draw stars and stripes on a white piece of construction paper using blue and red crayons. Don't worry about replicating the American flag — he can create any design he wants. Using alternating colors, outline each shape several times, and color in any blank spots with red or blue crayon. You'll end up with a unique patriotic picture that will look great displayed in your home.

Patriotic Torch
This patriotic torch will help you celebrate Presidents' Day, or provide a great prop for the Fourth of July!

Decorate a piece of construction paper with stars, stripes, or both. Roll the construction paper to create a cone, and tape the ends (see picture.) Cut strips of colored crepe paper to create streamers, and tape or staple them inside the opening of the paper cone. Your child can bring this to a parade or barbecue as a way to show her patriotic side!