10 Must-Have Craft Supplies for Endless Pinterest Crafting

by: Erin Dower
If you and your kids are obsessed with all the awesome craft ideas on Pinterest, but you never have the right materials on hand, read on! This list of craft supplies (in addition to staples like glue and construction paper) should be all you need for hours of adorable Pinterest projects. Some of these supplies are basic household items you might already have in your cupboard or recycling bin!
pompoms for kids crafts
Pom Poms
These colorful puffs of fabric can be used to make everything from garlands to flowers to fuzzy little animal friends.

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toilet paper roll tubes
Toilet Paper Rolls
Save those TP rolls! The cardboard tubes come in handy for all sorts of crafts, including binoculars and bracelets or wrist bands for kids.

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tissue paper
Tissue Paper
Keep a rainbow of colors of tissue paper on hand for all sorts of fun projects, from "pom" tissue-paper flowers to sun-catcher and "stained glass" paper crafts.

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googly eyes for crafts
Googly Eyes
Googly eyes are so much fun! These peel-and-stick eyeballs bring any animal or monster craft to life.

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popsicle sticks
Popsicle Sticks
Eat up those popsicles — and save the sticks! You'll find popsicle-stick crafts for all seasons, from snowflakes to American flags. Plus, there's the classic popsicle-stick picture frame, which is perfect any time of year!

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finger paint
Finger Paint
Paint + kids can mean a bit of a mess, but usually the results are worth it! Pinterest is full of finger-paint crafts that feature kids' handprints and footprints — which make great gifts and keepsakes.

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paper plates
Paper Plates
You might already have a big stack of basic paper plates taking up space in your pantry. Use some up with cute crafts, from animal masks to seasonal wreaths!

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pipe cleaner craft supplies
Pipe Cleaners
No craft time is complete without pipe cleaners! These bendy things can serve as everything from bug legs to flower stems in your kids' crafts.

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Aren't macaroni crafts just the cutest? Kids can whip up a spaghetti sunshine, a penne picture frame, and a macaroni necklace, of course!

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yarn for childrens crafts
Have some leftover yarn lying around? The kids can use it up by making braided friendship bracelets, tassled bookmarks, homemade pompoms, and more!

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