9 Halloween Masks Kids Can Make


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Get creative with your costume this Halloween by making your own one-of-a-kind Halloween mask with these craft instructions and printable templates.
Cat Mask
Cat lovers will have a blast creating this cute, easy-to-make mask. Simply cut an oval out of black construction paper (for the face). Cut two small triangles and fold them in half, lengthwise, and glue them to the oval to make the ears. Add green circles for eyes, a pink half-circle for the nose, and six black "sticks" cut from construction paper for the whiskers. Attach a string on either side of the face to make it a mask.
Pumpkin Mask
Coloring this mask is a lot less messy than carving out a real pumpkin.

Read the instructions for Pumpkin Mask.

Mouse Mask
All you need for this fun mask is some crayons or markers, and a little imagination.

Read the instructions for Mouse Mask.

Unsure what mask you'd like to make? Create your own with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Read the instructions for Create-a-Mask.

Egg Carton Mask
Create a one-of-a-kind mask using a simple item you probably have in your recycling bin: an egg carton. Cut up the carton so that two adjacent "egg holders" become the eyes and the pointy divider becomes the nose of your mask. Carefully poke holes so you can see through the "eyes," and use our printable glasses, mustaches, and hats — or create your own props and accessories from construction paper and other craft materials — to complete your costume.
Glasses Mask
Glasses Mask
...Or use our printable masks and props on their own, such as these cool "nerd" glasses (or these funky cat-eye glasses). Print, cut, color, and attach a string, stick, or straw to hold the mask.

Print the template for Glasses Mask.

Pirate Hat Mask
Pirate Hat Mask
Arghhh! This is one awesome pirate costume prop. Print, cut, color, and attach a band of construction paper that fits around the back of your child's head.

Print the template for Pirate Hat.

Mustache Mask
Mustache Mask
Round out your costume with this nifty handlebar mustache mask. Print, cut, color, and attach a stick or straw to hold up the mask.

Print the template for Mustache Mask.

Funny Bird Mask
Funny Bird Mask
Transform into a feathered friend by cutting and coloring with your favorite hues!

Print the template for Funny Bird Mask.