Get Crafty with Preschoolers


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Take a break with your toddler and create these simple crafts using items found around the house. Find more crafts to create in a cinch with your tot at our Craftivity Corner blog!
Homemade Frog Bank

In this fun hands-on activity, children make piggy banks that aren't pigs!

Cover an old shoe box or cereal box with green construction paper. Cut a small slit in the front to put your money in. Draw around the slit to make it part of the frog's mouth. Cut two cups from an egg carton, paint them green, add googly eyes, and glue them to the box for the frog's eyes. Finally, use green construction paper to cut front and hind legs. Attach the hind legs to the sides of the box, and add the front legs to the front of the box under the mouth.
Mini-Popsicle-Stick Kite

Use these instructions to make a real kite from scratch, and then fly it around or use it as a decoration!

Read the instructions for Mini-Popsicle-Stick Kite.

Pipe-Cleaner Sculpture

How many different figures and shapes can your child make, using nothing more than pipe cleaners?

Read the instructions for Pipe-Cleaner Sculpture.

Hand and Foot Print Shirt

This is definitely a "hands-on" craft activity! Children will decorate a shirt with hand and foot prints.

Read the instructions for Hand Print Shirt.

Cereal-Box Head

Banish boredom from breakfast by having children decorate the cereal boxes.

Gather up construction paper, markers, stickers, glitter, and anything else you might want to use. Create a face for each cereal box, complete with eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, and then add accessories, like jewelry. See who can create the silliest face!
Rock People

You and your child can have fun making "rock people." All you need are some rocks, some glue, and a bit of decoration.

Read the instructions for Rock People.

Painted Pasta Jewelry

Your child can turn a favorite food into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Read the instructions for Painted Pasta Jewelry.

Helping Hands Wreath

This arts & crafts activity will help your child discover the ways she can lend a helping hand to others.

Read the instructions for Helping Hands Wreath.

Plastic Spoon People

Your child can have a blast producing a story or a play with spoon people as the actors.

Read the instructions for Plastic Spoon People.

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