Top 10 Gifts for Baby's First Birthday

Having a hard time deciding on a birthday present for baby's first birthday? We can help. Check out our list of top baby gift ideas for baby's first birthday. Choose from practical suggestions, such as money and personalized clothes, or consider musical and educational toys that encourage development.

Find baby gift ideas and toy suggestions to give baby on his first birthday. These first birthday gift ideas are sure to entertain as well as help with development.

Mix and Match Caterpillar

Baby's First Birthday Mix and Match Caterpillar

Price: $32.99
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From Lamaze. This plush caterpillar is pretty sweet! The colorful, crinkly, easy-to-grab sections can be pulled apart and put back together in all different combinations. It's a fun way for toddlers to practice matching and color recognition.

Take-Along Shape Sorter

Baby's First Birthday Melissa and Doug Sorter

Price: $19.99
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From Melissa & Doug/K's Kids. This padded shape sorter case with a handle is perfect for on-the-go tots. It has two sides for different activities: one with shape slots for the nine different colorful shapes, and the other with crinkly flaps featuring fun illustrations of familiar things.

One Two Squeeze Toy Blocks

Baby's First Birthday Squeeze Blocks

Price: $14.99
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From B. Toys. Babies love blocks! These squishy "One Two Squeeze" blocks are stackable, squeakable, and floatable in the tub. They have numbers one through 10 and friendly animal pictures on them.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Baby's First Birthday Sit to Stand Walker

Price: $34.99
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From VTech. This handy gizmo will keep baby very busy! It features a five-key piano, a telephone handset, colorful spinning gears, and more. Plus, the activity panel detaches from the walker part for portable, standalone play.

My First Year Baby Photo Collage Frame

Baby's First Birthday Photo Collage Frame

Price: $5.70
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From Fashoncraft. Mom and Dad will definitely appreciate this gift! This keepsake of photos from Baby's first year is a great way to mark baby's first birthday. The thirteen photo spots and birth record card make sure you caption every moment and memory.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Baby's First Birthday Radio Flyer Walker

Price: $79.99
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From Radio Flyer. This push wagon is a perfect fit for 1-year-olds because they can ride in it, walk with it, and fill it with toys. Baby will feel proud of her fancy new wheels!

Savings Bonds

Savings bonds or money towards a college fund is a great gift not only for baby, but for his parents, too. Baby might not appreciate this gift now, but will as he grows. With savings bonds, you now need to plan in advance — you can't just go to a bank and buy them anymore. You have to go to the U.S. Treasury website and set up an account, for which you need the recipient's Social Security Number. So, you can't really give bonds as "surprise" gifts since they have to be in cooperation with the child's parent, but they're still a wise choice.


Baby's First Birthday Books

Kids can never have too many books! Children's books entertain baby while encouraging learning and development. Check out these classic books every kids should read.

Personalized Sock Monkey Bath Set

Baby's First Birthday Sock Monkey Bath Set

Price: 34.99
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Personalized clothes are always a great idea for birthdays, or any holiday. Any birthday baby will look great and stay warm in this bath set.

Gift Cards

Can't think of the right gift to give? A gift card to any children's store is ideal for parents and baby. That way mom and dad can get baby exactly what she needs or wants for her birthday.

One-year-olds are as hard to shop for as teens, but our gift guide should get you through the process smoothly.