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Single Parents

Flying solo as a parent is a daunting endeavor. This advice and support will help you manage the balancing act.

Expert Advice for the Single Mom

Expert Advice for the Single MomSingle moms, you're not alone! Hear what our experts have to say and then ask him some questions of your own. Q: "My mom and I are fighting. I know I should try to see the situation from her point of view (a single mom with two kids) but I feel like she's not trying to see the situation from my point of view. What should I do?" A: "You seem to have a very good understanding of what's going on emotionally in both your life and your mom's." Read More... read more

Holiday Tips for Single Parents

Holiday Tips for Single ParentsHolidays can create anxieties and conflicts for single and divorced parents. The following suggestions may help you better manage and enjoy your holiday season.Choose to spend time and to celebrate the holidays with people who lift your spirits. Spending time with people you don't enjoy, out of a sense of obligation, will only bring discomfort to you and your children. Budget some "alone time" to satisfy your own needs -- a long walk, lunch with an understanding friend, listening to music. read more

Single Moms: Proof of Success Is in the Pudding

Single Moms: Proof of Success Is in the Pudding The single mom in this saga is a role model of strength, dedication, and commitment, with a strong vision of moving ahead. read more

Single Mothering: Life After Divorce

Single Mothering: Life After Divorce Get used to this one simple fact: You are not going to feel much like doing anything for a while. It may be difficult for you to find the energy or emotional resources to do even the simplest of tasks. You may be hit with economic hardships and will certainly feel you have lost a certain level of status in the community. Even though there are many single mothers in the world today, you will still feel as though you are the only one. read more