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15 Family History Tattoos to Inspire You

These tattoos are a way to honor your past and present family members, history, and legacy
family tree tattoo
Updated: December 1, 2022

While tattoos aren’t for everyone, they’re often used as a way to honor someone, or a group of people that are closest to you. Family is something that will almost always be there for you, and many choose to honor them permanently by getting inked. 

These tattoos are a way to honor your past and present family members, history, and legacy. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Showcase how your family has grown over the years with the years each family member entered the world.

Blossom & Branches


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Instead of the traditional family tree, try out a branch with cherry blossoms instead. Other beautiful options could be a dogwood, magnolia, or crabapple branches.



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Show off your brood of children or grandchildren or other important family members with this elaborate tree of portraits.  

Minimal Photograph


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Highlight one of your favorite family photos permanently with a minimal sketched version of it on your body.

Anchored Down


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“Family is an anchor during choppy waters.” Honor those who keep you anchored at all times with this literal representation of the figurative message.

Circle Of Life


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Honor the circle of life with this matching tattoo idea with your closest family members.

Honoring Roots


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Pay tribute to your roots with a tree and grouping of roots along with the quote: “Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us all together.”

Hands Together


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Put your hands together for family! Showcase each of your family members’ hands locked together forever.

Coat Of Arms


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Honor the legacy of your family’s last name with your coat of arms.

Leaving The Nest


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The perfect mother/daughter or father/son tattoo! Leaving the nest can be hard, but also beautiful and commemorated through getting inked with these honeybees leaving the hive.



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One of the classic ways to honor someone who has passed on is with a tattoo of their handwriting like this ode to a mother by sisters. 

Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


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The apple (or in this case acorn) doesn’t fall far from the tree! 

Animal Family


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Use a giraffe, or any of your other favorite family of animals, to represent your family. 



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Incorporate the names of those you care about most with something symbolic like these flowers.

Guiding Compass


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If an anchor (above) grounds us, a compass guides us, and a family does both!

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