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15 of the Best Parenting Podcasts That Will Make You Laugh and Learn

These funny parenting podcasts offer parenting advice and lots of laughs for real moms and dads!
15 of the Best Parenting Podcasts That Will Make You Laugh and Learn
Updated: July 22, 2022

Listening to a podcast can be a great way to escape the everyday life of parenting duties. Why not have a listen from parenting experts and regular parents like you? If you find yourself constantly in need of parenting advice, you are not alone. Raising kids is hard and really does take a village. 

The 15 podcasts below are some of the best parenting podcasts out there right now. You find most of them on iTunes or Spotify as well!

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1. The Longest Shortest Time

This light-hearted award-winning podcast is a great listen for parents and even those who are not parents. It first aired in 2010 and was created and hosted by Hillary Frank. She is the author of several books as well. 

Many topics are discussed in The Longest Shortest Time podcast including breastfeeding, childbirth, and even vasectomies. It’s a great combination of helpful information and personal stories. It may have ended in December 2019, but it remains popular among new parents.

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2. Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Whether you have teenagers or toddlers, this podcast offers parenting advice for children of all ages. Hosted by Jamilah Lemieux, Elizabeth Newcamp, and Zak Rosen, and written and edited by Dan Kois, it is a humorous and uplifting podcast with all things parenting. No topic goes untouched including self-care for parents and mental health. New episodes are uploaded every Monday and Thursday by  Slate.

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3. The Mom Hour

As the title suggest, this podcast is made by moms for moms. It is hosted by co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers. They cover all sorts of parenting issues and parenting topics and being parents themselves, they relate to their real-life experiences, making this podcast a perfect listen for a mom or dad. If you are raising kids, especially through the pandemic, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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4. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Janet Lansbury is a former actor turned mother and podcast creator. She created the Respectful Parenting podcast in the hope to help parents navigate different ages and stages of their children’s development. She has also written a handful of parenting books as well. If you are unsure of where to turn and need a new perspective, this podcast gives great parenting tips on respectful and gentle parenting. 

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5. Spawned

This podcast covers all topics about parenting and motherhood, even the difficult ones. It is hosted by Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase from CoolMomPicks. They tackle topics like screen time, foster children, college, and so much more. These ladies are a blast to listen to and will consistently make you laugh with their stories about raising their children, which they have 6 of between them.

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6. Tilt Parenting

Debbie Reber hosts this podcast that surrounds life as a parent with a neurodivergent child. This can mean everything from sensory disorders to ADHD and autism. Heber frequently conducts interviews with special guests such as parenting experts, educators, and even other parents. 

All of the content of this podcast is aimed to inform and support parents that are raising “differently wired kids.”

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7. Project Parenthood

Dr. Nanika Coor is a licensed psychologist who specializes in the relationship between a parent and child. Her podcast episodes involve all aspects of parenting including how to have difficult conversations with your kids about things like divorce. She also has a variety of special guests who make appearances such as other doctors. It is both an informative and empowering listen.

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8. One Bad Mother

This hilarious parenting podcast is co-hosted by comedians Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. This isn’t a new podcast, it’s been around 4 years and is still going strong. Their goal is more laughter and less judgment. It is very relatable and these funny ladies cover all sorts of topics and provide helpful parenting tips for when motherhood feels “unnatural.”

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9. Atomic Moms

This podcast is hosted was created by Ellie Knaus. Being a mom herself, she searched for support and other women who have the same feelings she was having about being a mother. Raising a child is rewarding but not always positive and Knaus doesn’t hold back with her own experiences. 

Not only does she cover motherhood and children, but she digs deeper and talks about how being a parent can affect your relationship with your partner and with yourself. She has had many notable people as special guests including Chelsea Clinton.

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10. The Holderness Family

Husband and wife duo Penn and Kim Holderness have a prominent presence on social media. They have don‘t everything from funny music video parodies to YouTube vlogs and TikToks. Now they are hosting a podcast where they have deeper conversations on family and couple life. If you love to laugh and are interested in hearing a married couple’s perspective on parenting, this podcast is super fun and informative.

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11. Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

Michelle Gale is the host of this “meaningful” parenting podcast that takes a different approach to important topics compared to some of the others. She goes over tips and strategies on how to become more connected to your child in this very modern world. There are even meditation episodes as well, making this podcast both unique and insightful.

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12. Zen Parenting Radio

Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani are raising 3 daughters together and wanted to share with the rest of the world how they combine their logical and spiritual parenting styles. Zen Parenting Radio is a judge-free zone that promotes mindfulness parenting and some laughter along the way.

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13. What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

This is one of the most popular parenting podcasts. Amy and Margaret are each mother of 3 with completely different parenting styles. They each off their take on sticky situations in a light and upbeat way to help all kinds of parents. There are a few different segments so they put out around 3 new episodes each week. 

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14. Take It or Leave It

This podcast is hosted by social media sensations and best-selling authors Tiffany Jenkins and Meredith Masony. These ladies are hilarious on their own and when they team up, get ready to laugh until your insides hurt. They are both moms, wives, and comedians, and pride themselves on telling you like it is. There haven’t been any new episodes of this podcast since early 2022, but these ladies have been on tour so that could be the reason for the hiatus.

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15. Dads: The Podcast

Brought to you by Team Coco, the funny men behind the stylings of comedian Conan O’Brien comes a podcast about fatherhood. Many podcasts on parenting are hosted by mothers and some married couples, but there are very few that give you a real insight into a dad’s perspective on raising kids. This podcast is hosted by actor and author Rory Scovel.

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