Expert Advice

  • Underachieving

    Middle-Schooler's Grades SlippingSlipping grades might indicate a bigger problem than learning to adjust to middle school.
  • Encouragement

    Playing Catch-UpSwitching school mid-year can cause academic difficulty.
  • Transition to Middle School

    Seventh-Grader's Grades Drop SuddenlyThe first year in middle school can be a traumatic transition for adolescents, especially if they did exceptionally well at the elementary level.
  • Transition to Elementary School

    All Play and No WorkSome students have trouble adjusting to the stricter environment of the first grade.
  • Back-To-School Anxiety

    Adjusting to a New School YearSome children need time to adjust to a new school year.
  • Transition to Middle School

    The Pressures of Middle SchoolThe move to middle school can be tough, even for the best of students.
  • Transitions

    Switching SchoolsConsider your child's opinion if he wants to transfer from a prestigious private school.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Social ProgressFind out what to do when your child is academically proficient but socially and emotionally deficient.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Moving AheadWhen a child is ready to progress academically, she may not necessarily be as emotionally well-developed as her peers.
  • Transitions

    When Schools Are Shut DownWhen an elementary school closes, the transition to a new school will be difficult, but not insurmountable.
  • Resources for Gifted Education

    No Gifted Program for Seventh-GraderWhat can you do when your school's gifted programming ends in the middle-school years?
  • Transition to Middle School

    Isolated in Middle SchoolAssist a child to make friends in middle school.
  • Transition to Middle School

    Middle School AdjustmentRead ideas on helping a child adjust to middle school.
  • Reading Assessments

    Middle School Reading LevelsLearn what level a typical middle-school child should be reading at.
  • Transition to Middle School

    Transition to Junior High SchoolThe move to junior high school is one of the most difficult transitions that students ever have to make.
  • Growth and Physical Development

    School Bag Too Heavy?It's certainly not good for children to be carrying to school more than one-fifth of their weight over the shoulders and on their backs.
  • Coping With ADHD

    Child with ADHD Will Have Multiple TeachersFind out what you can do to ease the transition of your ADHD child to a new teaching situation.
  • Supporting Your LD Child

    Child with LD Dreads Middle SchoolMost kids are a little afraid of going to middle school, but they don't all admit it.
  • Holding Your Child Back

    Retention in Seventh GradeRetention is rarely the best solution in seventh grade. Learn some other solutions in this article.
  • Transition to Middle School

    Preparing for Middle SchoolFind ideas on how best to help a student enter middle school in the fall.