Expert Advice

  • Disciplining Stepchildren

    Discipline in Step-FamiliesIt may be necessary to get all parents and step-parents involved in counseling, if discipline between step-families becomes a problem.
  • Concerns About Homeschooling

    Can Mom and Stepmom Homeschool Jointly?Does the boy's natural mother have the ability and commitment to homeschool? The rewards are great, but homeschooling involves a serious commitment by a generous, loving parent.
  • Relating to Stepchildren

    Stepdaughter Says She Hates StepmotherThis type of response to a stepparent's setting limits are a child's way of manipulating and are very normal.
  • Pets

    Daughter Mistreats PetsMother is bewildered by her young daughter's mistreatment of pets.
  • Sibling Rivalry

    Rivalry Between SistersSibling rivalry is at its worst when the younger child outshines the older sibling.
  • Benefits of Homeschooling

    Does Homeschooling Improve Parent-Child Relationships?Homeschooling seems to remove many of the stumbling blocks that traditionally schooled parents and kids encounter. With no pressure to conform or fit in, there is also no need for rebellion.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Teasing in the HomeAsk your older children to put themselves in your little guy's place. Sometimes children don't realize how painful words can be. Try to talk about these things when you and the kids are alone and relaxed, perhaps just before bed.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Should Sister and Brother Share a Bedroom?Find out what our expert has to say about a nine-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy sharing a bedroom.
  • Establishing Schedules and Curriculum

    Is My Son Abusing His Homeschooling Freedom?The fact that your son is completing his assignments and turning them in each week shows that some work is being done.
  • Stepfamily Struggles

    Boy Has Crush on StepmotherThe primary objective in dealing with this crush is to make certain that this boy is not made to feel rejected, abnormal, or perverted.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Depressed After Brother Leaves for CollegeA parent asks how to help her younger son deal with his brother going off to college.
  • Mother/Son Relationships

    Mom Angered by Son's AttitudeIt's important to maintain some emotional distance in a mother-son relationship. Otherwise, both can get locked into an losing battle for control.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Older Daughter Is Mean to SiblingForcing your older girl to include her sibling when she visits her friends is setting her up to resent the little sister you want her to care for.
  • Evaluating Progress

    Is My Stepdaughter's Homeschooling on Target?The issue here is not verifying if your stepdaughter is on-target with her public-schooled peers, but rather understanding both the homeschool philosophy and how children learn.
  • Blended Families

    Making Discipline WorkGood discipline begins with a discussion of what is and is not acceptable behavior in your home.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Grandparent Wants to Help Gifted GrandchildGrandparents can assume some wonderfully unique and significant roles in the lives of their gifted grandchildren.
  • Mother/Daughter Relationships

    Trusting Your TeenHow can you trust your daughter if she is not trustworthy? You should set the expectations, boundaries, and consequences for study and dating.
  • Disciplining Stepchildren

    Stepson Not Helping with ChoresYou have every right to determine the rules and consequences for the time your stepson spends in your home. Those should include helping around the house, playing fairly, and managing his anger.
  • Signs of Giftedness

    Son Is Gifted, but Daughter Isn'tThe problem of having one sibling identified as gifted and the other not qualifying for the program is difficult, but not insurmountable.
  • Disciplining Stepchildren

    Out of Control KidsYou may need to try family counseling if out-of-control stepchildren aren't responding to discipline.