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Expert Advice

Mother Finds Sexual Notes to Daughter

Our expert suggests ways a mother can help a child deal with unwanted sexual overtures. read more

Best Friend's Son Is Abusive to Children

There are steps that should be taken immediately when a child is striking your children or others. read more

Summer Camp Concerns

Read about other's concerns about overnight summer camps and how safe they are. read more

When Sexual Abuse Is Suspected

A relative who suspects sexual abuse in the family seeks advice. read more

Code of Honor

How can you balance confidentiality with the need to protect a child who's suffering abuse? read more

Should Infants Eat Fish?

Find out whether it's okay for an infant to eat fish. read more

Can Too Much Milk Cause Allergy?

Allergies occur when the body's immune system "reacts" to certain proteins in the food that we eat. read more

Peer-Mediation Group

A good peer-mediation program is the most valuable tool a school has in combating violence and bullying in any school. read more

Getting the Principal to Respond

Sending a letter to both the Principal and the Superintendent of your school may have the desired effect. read more

Kids and Weight Lifting

Weight training should be avoided until the teen years are over, but an 11-year-old can begin <i>strength</i> training. read more

Husband Abuses Child

A mother ask what she should can do to protect her child from her abusive husband. read more

Protecting Infant from Sun

Babies younger than six months of age should always be kept out of direct sunlight. Before you take your infant outdoors, be sure she is protected. read more

My Teen Was Molested

What steps should you take when you find out your child has been molested? read more

Parent-Staffed Safety Committees in Schools

Parent-staffed safety committees are an excellent way of assisting a school in deciding how to respond to a given threat, and when to notify other parents. read more

Boy Afraid He'll Get Hurt in Sports

What can parents do when their nine-year-old says he is won't play sports because he's afraid he'll get hurt? read more

Son Molested by Neighbor's Child

An expert advises a mother on how she might help a son who was molested. read more

Therapy for Childhood Sex Abuse

An expert suggests ways that a parent can learn about the therapy her child is receiving for past sexual abuse. read more

Mom Threatens to Slap Teen

Physical abuse is never the right response to misbehavior. read more

Are My Classroom Rules Paranoid?

It's quite normal for a bad experience to have effects on classroom rules, but one needs to be rational about the actual risks faced. read more

Kids and Secondhand Smoke

It's advisable to keep your children away from cigarette smoke as best you can. read more

Does Abused Grandson Need Therapy?

A grandmother wants to know how she can persuade her ex-daughter-in-law to get her abused child the therapy that he needs. read more

Preschoolers Seen Kissing

A teacher is concerned that one of her preschoolers is sexually harassing his classmate. read more

At What Age Can Kids Walk to School Alone?

The parent is the best judge of what and when her child is ready to learn and how to best inform him. read more

Kids and Guns

No exploration of your child's safety can be complete without taking a clear-eyed look down the barrel of vital statistics. read more

Fractured Collarbone

Find out how soon after fracturing a collarbone a child can resume normal activities. read more

Teacher Concerned About Violent Fourth-Grader

When an aggressive, disruptive student concerns a teacher, it's advisable for the teacher to express those concerns in a letter to the principal and/or superintendent. read more

Evaluating a Bomb Threat

Paying attention to threats is always appropriate. Here is some advice on how to evaluate a situation. read more

Mom Worried About School Safety

After a lapse in school safety, it's reasonable to express your concerns to the school in a letter -- and to receive a response. read more

Should Child's Mother Be Told About Bullying?

Would you want to be told if your son was being harassed or abused? read more

Teen Worried About Students Who "Love Death"

Many kids have a fascination with death, and those kids are now encouraged by local TV news that also has a fascination with death. read more