Expert Advice

  • Growth and Physical Development

    Has Teen Stopped Growing?Find out what's involved in determining whether a child has reached his full height.
  • Shyness

    A Shy ChildLearn how to help a child become more outgoing.
  • Dealing With Bullies

    Verbal HarassmentHere's what to do when your child is the subject of name-calling at school.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Children and GuiltChildren lack the appropriate skills for coping with guilt. They often begin to act out when they feel they've caused some harm to befall a parent, .
  • Friendships

    Daughter Wants a Best FriendChildren can get upset when they don't have a "best" friend. You can help.
  • Friendships

    Daughter Has No Close FriendsIf a child is physically attractive, makes excellent grades, and is liked by her peers, does it matter that she has no close friends, or any one special friend?
  • Friendships

    When a Child Loses Her Best FriendCounseling may be called for when a child shows signs of serious distress over losing a friend.
  • Death and Dying

    Preoccupation with Death and IllnessWhile a child's fear may be focused on one topic, it usually reflects a more general anxiety condition related to a bigger problem.
  • Friendships

    When a Friendship EndsChildren may be very upset when a friendship ends.
  • Activities for LD Children

    Does Special Ed Seventh-Grader Need More Friends?Special education students make friends in regular school fairly easily, but make sure that the school doesn't tolerate teasing, harassing, or bullying of any kind.
  • Friendships

    Affectionate Five-Year-OldA mother worries that her five-year-old's displays of affection toward his friends are inappropriate.
  • Grief and Loss

    When a Child Loses a Parent to CancerAdolescents are especially at risk when they have experienced the loss of someone dear to them.
  • Encouragement

    Playing Catch-UpSwitching school mid-year can cause academic difficulty.
  • Friendships

    Feeling Left OutMaking friends away from school may be a good way to keep a child from feeling left out.
  • Friendships

    Friendships for Fifth GraderSome children don't need to have intense, close friendships to be happy.
  • Cliques

    Domineering FriendsFind out what to do when the boy next door steals your child's friends excludes him from the group.
  • Friendships

    Parent Disapproves of Daughter's New FriendsIt's a big mistake when parents put down their children's friends.
  • Social Skills

    Son Is Unhappy at New SchoolWhen school is hurting a child's self-esteem, it's time to look for outside activities or groups he could join.
  • Cognitive and Psychological Development

    The Cognitive Abilities TestLearn about the Cognitive Abilities Test.
  • Gifted Education

    Preschooler Gifted but ShyConfidence-building experiences in school and at home with family and friends help children become more outgoing.